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Thinking of Chopping Your Fingers Off? This Video Will Show You How

First of all, let’s clarify that headline a bit; we’re not actually condoning self-mutilation here. But if you manage to keep the following video under wraps for a little while, you might be able to learn a simple optical illusion for your next get-together that’ll have all your friends (or ex-friends) talking about you for years.

We come across plenty of bizarre rando horror content over the course of our daily editorial research, but once in a while something just sticks… like the following DIY tutorial from French artist Jordan Molina, who uploaded it to his YouTube channel TutoDraw.

Among the many lessons shared on that channel, quite a few demonstrate amazing visual tricks involving the human hand, but among the most dramatically grisly of these is an awesome finger-chopping stunt.

The effect itself is not just shockingly real-looking, it’s also shockingly simple to pull off (pardon the pun). It can basically be achieved with a couple of makeup pencils, three colors of water-based paint, a black backdrop and a little practice… plus, you know, a hand.

If you dig this trick, and want to take gruesome and surreal hand-painting to the next level, check out some of Molina’s other tutorials — the most popular of which he’s conveniently compiled in the following demo reel:



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