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This Footage of a Morgue Door Slamming by Itself is the Creepiest Thing You’ll See Today

It’s always been a little unnerving how rapidly a short and simple video clip can freak out hundreds of thousands of people overnight via social media — most likely it’s the unexplained element, that lack of verifiable backstory, combined with a suggestion of the macabre, that can turn a minute or two of blurry footage into the latest nightmare fodder.

Image Credit: Alcmidia Curiosities via YouTube

Case in point: the video below — reportedly shot at Instituto Médico Legal (IML), a forensic hospital in Cuiabá, Brazil, by one of two security guards investigating loud noises from the morgue one night.

As the men approach, a corridor light flickers, and a small door is identified as the source of the noise. The red-painted metal hatch slams rhythmically, over and over, as the man with the camera comes nearer… then it abruptly stops.

While it’s easy to dismiss the entire thing as a hoax — a thin thread on the door and a hand on the light switch is all you’d need to pull a similar stunt — it demonstrates how chilling a very simple setup can be, just by planting a tiny seed of uncertainty; after all, that’s how urban legends and creepypastas work their dark magic on your mind.