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Three People Appear in This Photo… But Is One of Them a Ghost?

While on a fishing trip in Tifton, Georgia with her grandparents a few weeks ago, 13-year-old Haley Ogletree decided to snap a quick selfie while she was chilling in her grandfather’s truck. Her brother Kolton, who was celebrating his 12th birthday, had just caught his biggest fish of the day.

When they returned home that evening, Haley was browsing through the photos she took during the trip… and when she came across the aforementioned selfie, she was shocked to discover someone in the image who wasn’t there at the time.

Image Credit: Jessica Ogletree via Facebook

Haley’s mother, Jessica Ogletree, was also startled by the mystery man — who can be seen standing just to the right of her brother (Kolton is wearing a green shirt and crouching down in the truck bed).

The man seems at first to be just a fellow fisherman, passing by with a casual smile… but if you look closer, it appears that the background trees can be seen through him. Also, if his image had been a reflection on the truck’s rear window, his right shoulder would overlap Kolton’s shirt… but it’s obviously behind it.

Jessica posted the image to Facebook, noting that neither Haley, Kolton or their grandfather had seen the man in that spot when the selfie was taken (or at any other point during the trip).

It wasn’t long before the world latched onto the eerie image — which was initially circulated by WALB News before showing up on countless news feeds, with commenters offering up theories about the spectral photobomber, some of them claiming the stranger is the ghost of a man who had died at the same lake long ago.

Jessica has since taken the post down, but the debate continues…



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