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Check Out SEE YOU SOON, A 14 Second Horror Short From The Director Of LIGHTS OUT!

I’ve always said that two of my favorite genres of film are horror movies and comedies. The one thing they both have in common is they both have the power to elicit an uncontrollable reaction out of you. If you see something scary? You jump. If you see something funny, you can’t help but laugh out loud!

And so, I’ve always been fascinated by short form storytelling. Horror shorts are how most filmmakers get their start and hone their craft. Case in point, we’re all well aware that director David Sandberg first made LIGHTS OUT as a short film before it was adapted into a feature length.

Well, we’ve showcased other shorts by him, such as ATTIC PANIC and PICTURED, but have you ever seen SEE YOU SOON? It’s only 14 seconds long, and accomplishes its trick to scare you. Have a look below… if you dare!

David Sandberg’s next film will be the highly anticipated sequel ANNABELLE 2, which arrives in theaters August 11th! You can check out the announcement teaser trailer here.


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