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Terrifying Horror Short: Is MR. HENDRIX Hiding in Your Closet?

We love Fun Size Horror, a company known for creating big scares in short horror films. Today’s horror short, MR. HENDRIX is directed by Zeke Pinheiro. 

Synopsis: In MR. HENDRIX, previously only seen in Fun Size Horror: Volume One, Gaylan has recently married the love of his life. Everything has been newly wedded bliss except for one thing; his stepdaughter Jordan has been having night terrors since he and Felicia have returned from their honeymoon. He’s suspected that the little girl has been faking it to drive a wedge between her mom and her new step-dad until one fateful night he discovers the truth…Jordan is being tormented by a demon in the closet named Mr. Hendrix–the same boogieman that terrorized him as a child.

Check out MR. HENDRIX below, and for more short terrors, head over to the Fun Size Horror website.


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