The 13th Floor

Download the Hollywood Holiday Ghost Story THE MOUNTAIN AND THE NIGHT — Based on Actual Events!

Need to put a little more chill in your bones this holiday season? We’ve got the perfect gift for you, courtesy of award-winning filmmaker and author Jesse Dykstra — whose own real-life encounters with paranormal activity on Hollywood’s famous Paramount lot inspired his haunting short story THE MOUNTAIN AND THE NIGHT.

Dykstra revealed to us that the wild, often surreal events depicted in this story are based on detailed notes he took on the night of a massive holiday party at the historic studio (the first such event for current Paramount CEO Brad Grey), where he experienced eerie and unexplained phenomena.

He later returned to the lot on a ghost-hunting expedition accompanied by a professional spiritual medium, whom he claims not only verified his findings but provided even more historical information — including accounts of a mysterious, unsolved death — which helped inform this chilling tale, woven from the studio’s checkered, often violent past. [Also of note: Dykstra’s production company, Fresh Face Pictures, recorded that ghost hunt, so you may be seeing and hearing more about it in the future.]

As a holiday treat, the author kindly offered us the opportunity to share THE MOUNTAIN AND THE NIGHT with you… and you can download here in PDF format. Enjoy!


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