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Blumhouse Intern Short Film Challenge: Check out MISCHIEF NIGHT!

Each semester at Blumhouse Productions, our interns receive a short film challenge. They must work in teams to create a short horror movie with no budget. The films are each written, directed, and edited by the intern group and shot entirely on smart phones with no special equipment. The teams are also not allowed to use any separate sound equipment.  Over the next week, we will be running the best of the intern shorts from Fall of 2016. 

Today, we are thrilled to present the intern short film MISCHIEF NIGHT which examines a small town where, on October 30th, teens have a tradition of vandalizing homes that don’t leave their porch lights on.

This team selected the following parameters:

  • A horror trope: masked home invasion, investigating a noise, holiday horror, etc
  • An original mask
  • A synth score (which was made by the team in Garage Band)


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