The 13th Floor

Who Was “Christy” — and What REALLY Happened to Her?

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Today’s viral tale comes shrouded in ambiguity, so don’t expect easy answers to the questions posed in that headline. Those who read the unnamed author’s account of his marriage and its tragic aftermath have differing interpretations of what may have truly happened during one brief and surreal period of his life — but most agree that they came away from the story with a feeling of creeping unease… a critical ingredient for a memorable creepypasta.

The author, whose name is given only as “David,” begins his tale shortly after he graduated college, after which he secured a decent-paying job as an office manager at a chemical supply company. His life seemed stable and secure… but he was missing love and companionship.

Without much of a social life outside of the office — and no desire to pursue any kind of romance with his single co-workers — David turned to a reliable online dating site as the only reasonable option.

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To his surprise and delight, he received a handful of replies within the first day. None of them seemed to be a particularly good match… except for one woman whose profile seemed to line up quite well with his own, although she had not uploaded a photo of herself to her user profile.

He found this a bit off-putting, and at first assumed the account was fake. But there was something compelling about the woman’s words — the way she described herself, her interests and background, and her outlook on life — that he couldn’t resist contacting her. What could it hurt?

David’s direct message to this mystery user resulted in a very prompt reply… and on impulse, he offered to meet her at a local café that evening. Amazingly, she accepted without hesitation.

Nervous but hopeful, he arrived at the café… and encountered the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

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“David?” she asked, extending a hand, her large, intense eyes transfixing him on contact. “I’m Christy.”

Within the first minutes of the date, David could feel that indescribable “spark” that he’d always wondered about, but had never experienced before that night. His conversation with Christy lasted for hours, and he could sense that she was drawn to him as well.

One date led to another, and their relationship intensified; with every new encounter David became convinced that he and Christy were meant to be together. After just four months, he felt compelled to propose marriage… and she accepted without hesitation.

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The wedding was small, with only a few friends and family in attendance on both sides. Sadly, neither David nor Christy could afford an elaborate honeymoon, but nevertheless resolved to save their money toward a nicer vacation. Christy then moved into David’s house, and the transition felt natural and flawless; their combined incomes were fairly modest, but enough to start a cozy life together, and they seemed to be a perfect team.

David felt supremely lucky to see his dreams coming true… but that’s precisely when his life began to slide into the realm of nightmares.

It started a few months after the wedding, when one of the co-workers who had attended the ceremony was found murdered in his home from multiple lacerations by a sharp instrument. The murderer had not yet been identified, and remained at large.

The evening David received this horrific news, he had been working late at the office… and that’s when the migraines began.

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At first, David assumed it was another one of the tension headaches he’d been experiencing lately, no doubt due to stress and fatigue… but this pain felt different. Not only was it more intense, but it seemed to reach from his head down his spine, slowly spreading through his limbs and churning in his stomach.

He tried to work through the discomfort, but it became impossible to continue, and he headed for home… where he was surprised to find Christy already in bed. It was only 7PM. She greeted him sleepily, after which he told her the news about the murder of his co-worker.

“Don’t worry about it,” Christy said with a gentle smile. “He’ll be fine.”

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Figuring she was half-asleep, he dismissed this odd response. After taking painkillers for the headache, he finally drifted off to sleep himself.

The next morning, his pain was worse, the nausea had intensified, and he had developed a wracking cough. Christy took off work to look after him, providing the only real comfort he felt that day.

Then night fell… and the real horror began.

In the darkness, David struggled to sleep, his whole body still aching, a chill running through his bones. Christy had come to bed and was curled up beside him, so he reached out to put an arm around her for warmth… but recoiled in shock when his hand touched her skin: it was cold as ice.

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Panicking now, David pulled at her shoulder to roll his wife on her back… and what he saw made him scream in horror.

Christy — or what might have once been her — lay stiff and rigid, limbs frozen in rigor mortis, her skin gray and almost translucent in the near-darkness. Her eyes were gone, having been apparently scooped messily from their sockets. The sheets were stuck to her body, soaked with dried, dark blood, and made a horrible tearing sound when he pulled them back. Her mouth was locked open in a silent, agonized scream.

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David felt something snap inside his chest, as if his heart and lungs were trying to burst through his ribs… and then, in an instant, he realized it was daylight, and he was alone in the bed. Where he’d once seen the terrifying image of his wife’s mutilated corpse, he now saw only clean, undisturbed sheets.

Fighting to clear his head, David squeezed his eyes shut and tried to breathe… then heard the sound of metal and glass clanking in the kitchen.

He staggered down the hall toward the sound, praying he had just experienced the mother of all nightmares… and to his immense relief, he saw Christy rummaging through boxes in the kitchen, apparently looking for some of her still-packed cookware.

The sudden relief was almost overwhelming, and he had to lie down again… but not before embracing his wife, just to be sure the horror he’d witnessed had all been a vivid fever-dream. She hugged him back, and he felt her warmth as she offered words of comfort.

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He was sure the worst was over… until the next night, when the same terrifying image greeted him again. But this time, the dream was much different: he could smell Christy’s rotting flesh… then saw her sit up and speak to him, feeling her cold, noxious breath on his face. Her ragged, blood-oozing eye sockets somehow found him, and she smiled, her mouth oozing black fluid as she spoke in a guttural whisper:

“There’s no escape,” the thing rasped. “We’ll be together forever.”

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Although the pain and nausea eventually subsided a few days later, that horrible image seemed to follow him everywhere. He saw Christy’s ghoulish, emaciated doppelganger standing at street corners, in the corridors of his office, and peering over his shoulder in the bathroom mirror. Eventually, he could see the thing standing in the same room with Christy herself, seemingly stalking her.

One day, he could stand it no more… and decided he had to destroy the ghoul before it could hurt his beloved wife.

When he saw the thing standing in the kitchen, its body bent and spider-like, he felt himself leap toward it, grabbing it by the shoulders. Beneath its cold, clammy flesh, he could feel brittle bones grinding beneath his grip. Fighting through his terror, David wrestled the creature to the kitchen floor, pulling open the oven door as it staggered, hissing like a wild animal.

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Without hesitation, he yanked out the wire oven racks and shoved the thing into the opening, pushing against its weak, resisting limbs until it was crammed into the small metal space. Slamming the door shut, he pressed his weight against it and turned the oven knob to maximum heat. The door had a lock for self-cleaning mode, and he latched it into place.

It took nearly ten minutes for the shaking and slamming against the door and the piercing, high-pitched screams to stop. By the time David returned to the kitchen, the entire house was filled with foul-smelling black smoke.

When the police arrived, David tried to explain what happened… but just before they took him into custody, he saw the forensics team remove what was left of the body from the oven.

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The corpse resembled Christy’s inhuman lookalike… but where he had previously seen the ghoul’s empty, hollow eye-sockets, now he saw the eyes were intact. Christy’s beautiful eyes.

Without any direct evidence tying him to the murder, the police couldn’t hold David after several days questioning — though they remained skeptical of his story, in which he claimed to have come home from work to find his wife’s charred body in the oven by an unknown intruder. He was released on his own recognizance, but kept under surveillance pending the result of forensic analysis.

No evidence was found connecting David to the murder, and as the investigation continued, he was allowed to return to work. But when he arrived, he encountered another disturbing revelation.

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The office doors were locked, and across them was posted a CONDEMNED sign from the City Building Inspector. An attached notice from the Department of Health also contained contact information, through which occupants or staff could receive testing for potential side-effects of contamination… but David chose to visit his own physician instead.

The test results confirmed his fears beyond all imagining: David was suffering from a brain disorder caused by the long-term inhalation of a toxic chemical, which had accidentally been released into the air system following a mishap in one of the company’s processing labs. Even as he asked the doctor about the kind of symptoms triggered by this contamination, David already knew the answer.

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Physical effects of the toxin included migraines, nausea, fever and extreme fatigue.

Neurological and behavioral effects included delusional thoughts, severe sensory distortion, recurring amnesia and vivid hallucinations… and in cases of extreme exposure, a complete psychotic break.