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Bonus SHOCK WAVES Episode On The Music Of THE EVIL DEAD!

Ready for seconds?

Yesterday, we posted a special bonus episode of the Shock Waves podcast that focused primarily on an analysis of the music to the SCREAM franchise. Today, your hosts Ryan Turek and Rob Galluzzo set their sights (and ears) on the musical soundscape of THE EVIL DEAD series!

We go in chronological order to listen to and discuss the work of composer Joseph LuDuca on THE EVIL DEAD, EVIL DEAD 2, ARMY OF DARKNESS and ASH VS EVIL DEAD. We divert briefly to hear one of the themes by Roque Baños for the EVIL DEAD remake. And then we play Joe LuDuca’s brand new “re-imagined” score coming early next year from Mondo / Death Waltz.

Cover artwork by Jason Edmiston
Cover artwork by Jason Edmiston

If you love the spooky, creepy atmosphere created by the music of THE EVIL DEAD, this is the episode for you! Check it out embedded below for your convenience!

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