The 13th Floor

A First Date Leads to True Love… But Ends in Homicidal Horror

Single and down to mingle? Can’t find anyone within your social circle? Afraid of skeevy hookup apps? There are other supposedly “safe” options available… but even those can be risky.

Very risky, it turns out, for the unnamed author who submitted his tale of the ultimate dating nightmare to the Creepypasta Wiki.

Working a dead-end job with no prospects, watching his friends hook up, marry and start families… it was depressing. He felt he was too old for hookup apps, and had uncomfortable experiences with online dating services, so on impulse he decided to attend a “speed-dating” event.

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His first interview rounds were less than successful: the first was a recovering addict with a young child, the second was old enough to be his mother, and the third, while promising, forgot to give him her phone number.

He moved to a new table to wait for one more interview, not feeling very optimistic at this point… until an unusual and fascinating woman approached him and sat down.

The first thing he noticed about her was her mesmerizing green eyes and long, dark hair; he was also intrigued by her classic black dress, which seemed oddly formal, even for a dating event. Despite this haunting funereal look, she was far from the brooding type, and instead came across as very funny and outgoing, with a girlish laugh that made him smile instinctively.

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This cheerful demeanor proved remarkable, considering her tragic history: she claimed she had once been a wife and mother of two, but lost both children to cancer when they were very young. The disease was quite prevalent in her family, and her husband ultimately blamed her for their deaths; his bitterness had led to a messy divorce.

Drawn to her strength, kindness and positive outlook — not to mention her strange but undeniable beauty — he accepted her invitation for a first date, which turned out to be quite a success; they both expressed the desire to meet again soon. Romance quickly blossomed, and they began a serious relationship.

Months passed, and he decided the time was right to ask her to marry him. He had previously come clean with her about his poor financial state, and she in turn revealed that she was fairly well off, and would love it he moved in with her. She accepted his proposal, and he left behind a tiny studio apartment for her cozy two-bedroom house.

On moving day, he got the first hint of something odd about the woman he married.

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When his miscellaneous boxes began to pile up in the living room, he offered to stow some of the less important material in her basement until they had more time to get organized. She responded with an intensity bordering on panic, telling him she’d prefer to take care of that task herself. As strange as that sounded, he agreed and eventually forgot about it, assuming she was a bit of an obsessive about keeping the house in order.

It wasn’t long before he began to realize the love of his life had more unspoken secrets… secrets somehow connected to that basement.

At first, he’d respected her wishes to leave it alone. But one night while she was away, his laptop suddenly crashed, and he needed to unpack his older, still-working model so he could transfer backup files and finish an important project. He knew she’d taken that one to the basement, and he couldn’t wait for her to return… so he decided to sneak down and look for it.

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After a long and frustrating quest to find the key (it was hidden beneath the soil in which she’d cultivated her prize orchid), he finally got the door open… and was immediately hit by a wave of cold air and a horribly rancid smell.

Fumbling in the darkness, he finally found a switch to the room’s only source of illumination — a single, cobwebbed bulb. What he saw in its faint glow stood in stark contrast to his wife’s meticulously-maintained house: a rotting, decrepit cellar with cracked and crumbling walls, stinking of mold and rot, every inch covered in a thick layer of dust.

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The only relatively clean boxes stored there were his own, so it was no problem locating the one containing his old computer. Anxious to leave the creepy cellar, he dashed back upstairs — but first took care to cover his tracks, locking the door and hiding the key where he’d found it.

While rebooting and prepping the old machine for the file transfer, he realized the computer had somehow been altered since he’d packed it away. There were four unfamiliar files installed in a new directory… and all of them appeared to be AVI videos.

The files were named “HIM,” “ONE,” “TWO,” and “WHY.”

Nervously, he clicked on the one labeled “HIM.” What he saw on that grainy, distorted video brought his entire dream of love and happiness to an abrupt and horrifying end.

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A naked man, who looked to be in his early thirties, was being repeatedly stabbed, slashed and hacked by a female attacker wielding a large chef’s knife. Her face was not visible, but her body moved strangely — as if she were gliding about in low gravity, almost floating, barely moving her limbs except to bring down the knife in another agonizing slash. The man screamed in pain as blood erupted from each new wound, his body already crisscrossed with deep lacerations.

Amid his shrieks, only one recognizable word could be heard: “Why?”

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His hands shaking with terror, the author finally stopped the video — just after the mystery woman rammed the knife into her victim’s left eye socket.

Nauseous and trembling with fear, he found himself frozen in place, staring at the remaining three files. He couldn’t bear to look at the next one… but something inside him had to know. He clicked on the file marked “ONE.”

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The second video began in a similar fashion as the first… but this time, the victim was a young boy, who looked to be about eight years old. I won’t recount the horrible details of his demise here, but the author details every gruesome second in his writings. Suffice to say the poor boy’s death made the first video seem tame by comparison. Throughout the child’s torment, the unidentified woman was giggling with sadistic glee, and even appeared to treat every new torture as some inverse, nightmarish form of affection.

He realized he couldn’t stop watching. He watched his own hand as it moved the mouse and progressed to the file labeled “TWO”… then stared in terror as yet another child suffered another unique and abominable fate. But this time the victim was a mere baby — no more than a year old, it seemed. The ending of this video was the most horrible act the author had ever witnessed [it’s all here, but read at your own risk].

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He had passed the point of no return. He had no choice but to watch the final video, “WHY.”

Instead of a new scene of hellish torture, he was confronted with the one image he’d most feared seeing: the face of his own wife, staring calmly and coldly into the camera. He knew it was inevitable, but his mind — which he could feel starting to break — still couldn’t accept what played out on the screen before him.

When she finally spoke, her voice was different than he’d ever heard before. It was low, faint and seemed to emanate from somewhere other than her throat… but he knew instinctively it was his wife’s words he was hearing.

“Hello, Sweetheart,” the woman said, her eyes never wavering or blinking. “Clearly by now you know I’m not the person you thought I was.”

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He stared at the screen, feeling outside his own body, watching himself witness this monologue. All the while, something seemed to be tugging at him, telling him to turn away, that there was still a chance to save himself… but those eyes on the screen held him transfixed.

“I know you’re watching this, and I know you’re terrified,” his wife continued. “The ghosts of those I’ve killed are swarming around you right now, telling you to pull away from the screen, to save yourself. Yet you still sit there and watch, waiting for some happy ending or reasonable explanation as to the events you have just witnessed. There are no special effects here; what you saw was real. I love watching this footage, even so much as to pleasure myself to it… but I had to hide it. You couldn’t know. Your lonely, piece-of-shit brain would tell you to turn me in. You were so desperate for love… you couldn’t accept that you’d fallen in love with a monster.”

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That nagging sensation at the back of his mind grew more intense… that unheard whisper: Get out. Run as fast as you can, and don’t look back. But he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the image of the woman he’d once loved.

“Wanna know the best part?” she asked. “I knew you would find out. I couldn’t keep the secret forever. Eventually you’d find the key to the basement… eventually you’d finally realize my children never had cancer, and that my husband never left me… I killed them all.”

She leaned closer, her placid grin becoming slightly more sinister.

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“You’d be surprised how easy it is to cement human remains into the floor,” she said. “When you entered this room, you stepped on my dead children and husband. Feel proud of yourself?”

She leaned even closer, and her voice was a guttural whisper:

“I also know you’re watching this last video right now. I just recorded it today.”

He felt his body go rigid with shock as the realization hit home… but she wasn’t done yet.

“Turn around,” said the woman on the screen.

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The author’s final recollections are a bit sketchy at this point, as he was likely in a state of near-total mental breakdown, but he describes his feeble attempt to defend himself from the brutal attack which followed.

Unlike the previous victims, he managed to escape, though he barely survived the ordeal, and his “wife” was soon apprehended by the authorities.

Court-appointed psychiatrists ruled that the woman was legally sane when she committed her ghastly crimes, and the jury was quick in delivering their verdict after seeing the videos (the “WHY” file basically amounted to a recorded confession, after all). The death penalty was still on the books in the author’s home state, and he was present at her execution via lethal injection… which, bizarrely, took four attempts to complete.


Her last words were to her husband — stating calmly that she would come back to finish what she’d begun. Then she uttered that girlish giggle, which had once charmed him so long ago.

It took years of intense therapy for the author of this tale to recover from his trauma, but despite frequent nightmares, he managed to pursue his ambitions and became quite successful in a new career.

Years later, he even decided to put himself back on the dating market… but this time he relied on close friends and co-workers to introduce him to single friends or relatives, for obvious reasons. Finally, his best friend told him about a woman he thought was the perfect match, and they agreed to meet at his favorite restaurant.

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She had long, dark hair, penetrating green eyes, and the cutest laugh…