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Welcome To Helloween! New Short Film Shows THE RISE OF THE BOOGEYMEN!

What is it about monster mashes that get us horror fans all riled up? Over the years, it’s become my favorite sub-genre of horror. Everything from ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN to HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN to WAXWORK and THE MONSTER SQUAD. There’s something about seeing multiple monsters share screen time together that’s exciting!

And while we’ve only gotten a handful of proper “versus” films: FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN, FREDDY VS JASON, ALIEN VS PREDATOR, that hasn’t stopped savvy fans with impressive editing skills from giving up fictional “what if” cinematic battles!

The following could be the most ambitious and epic of the bunch. You Tube user Antonio Maria Da Silvi uploaded a 14 minute short film titled “RISE OF THE BOOGYMEN” that manages to pit Michael Myers against Jason against Pinhead against Freddy against Regen from THE EXORCIST and on and on and on. All the movie maniacs make an appearance here and it’s cleverly edited to make it feel legit. Take a peek!

If you dug that, there are plenty of other crazy mash ups, such as his “HELL’S CLUB” one, which features everyone from Scarface to Patrick Batemen to Anakin Skywalker all in the same bar, via his You Tube page.