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Watch This Horrifying Short Based on the Infamous Creepypasta “The Expressionless!”

Attention, all creepypasta connoisseurs: in our earlier feature about ten infamous creepypastas based on a single, terrifying image, I highlighted one of the oldest and possibly most nightmare-inducing stories ever to span the web: “The Expressionless.”


In brief, the story is claimed to be a first-hand account from the sole survivor of a bizarre mass murder at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, June 1972 — a massacre which followed the arrival of a horrifying visitor whose blank, mannequin-like face earned her the title nickname.

I’ll bet you thought you could finally sleep again, since we confirmed the story is a work of fiction — written by Tom Lever and accompanied by a vintage image from the archives of photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones.

But don’t turn the lights out just yet.


We uncovered this incredibly creepy 2013 short film by writer-director Michael Gallagher and his production team, Totally Sketch… and not only is it faithful to the original story, it manages to capture the same otherworldly but eerily realistic vibe (always a tricky thing when adapting this kind of viral legend).

We strongly encourage you to check out more of Gallagher’s films via the Totally Sketch YouTube channel, and also follow him on  Twitter for updates. We’re keeping close watch on his work as well… he created an awesome music video tribute to INSIDIOUS 3, and there are many more stylishly scary gems to be found on his channel.

But for now, get ready for your appointment with THE EXPRESSIONLESS…