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THE ELEVATOR RITUAL: Is This VR Horror Game Too Terrifying to Finish?

Horror is virtual reality’s killer app, and developers are creating virtual-reality experiences designed to put you in the middle of the most terrifying situations imaginable. For example, there’s THE ELEVATOR RITUAL: an interactive VR short story that puts the player deep inside a nightmarish urban legend.

Out now on the Oculus Rift and loosely based on a popular creepypasta/web game (and the truly disturbing story of the last days of Elisa Lam), THE ELEVATOR RITUAL casts you as a young woman experimenting with the title game, wherein thrill-seekers press elevator buttons in a specific order to unlock something terrible.


In real life, pushing out-of-sequence elevator buttons just pisses off other passengers. But in the fevered imaginations of the designers behind ELEVATOR RITUAL, this practice opens a portal into another place — a place that looks like reality, but is empty of people… that is, except for you and a mysterious woman.

The claustrophobia and weirdness of VR is a perfect fit for this kind of interactive movie, and as you can see from the below video from YouTuber TheRadBrad, some people are too scared to even finish it.

Is THE ELEVATOR RITUAL too real for you, or are you brave enough to try it? Let us know in the comments!