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PLAY TIME: Experience a Full-Blast Nightmare in Just Three Minutes!

If you can spare us just a few minutes, we’ll deliver you an entire evening’s worth of scream-yourself-awake nightmares — in the form of the multi-award-winning UK horror short PLAY TIME.


Written and directed by Ryan Thompson and produced by Thompson’s own company VFX Productions, PLAY TIME took the top prize in Bloody Cuts Films’ 2013 “Who’s There?” Short Horror Film Challenge, and continues to play festivals today.

It also turned out to be the most terrifying entry in a slate of extremely intense and horrifying shorts (most of which can be screened at Bloody Cuts’ official site). Thompson has since gone on to direct several more genre films — which we’ll be discussing in more detail in the near future.


Perfectly replicating the feeling of an intense nightmare, PLAY TIME stars Anjella Mackintosh as a woman tormented by horrifying nocturnal sounds, flashing lights and scary images coming from her television… and she very quickly realizes she’s not alone.

For full effect, we highly recommend watching this on a decent-sized screen, using headphones or a good home-theater sound system. (Those susceptible to light-induced seizures should be forewarned of intense strobe lighting.)

Thompson also released a behind-the-scenes reel, which demonstrates how subtle digital touches, atmospheric color-grading and DIY practical effects turned a cozy home into a house of horrors. Check it out!