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The Horrific Case of the UK’s Secret “Blood-Freezing Experiment”

Many creepypasta fans are familiar with the nightmarish tale of the infamous “Russian Sleep Experiment,” which shares the top of the list with Slender Man, CANDLE COVE and Jeff the Killer as one of the most enduring viral web legends [you can read more about those here]. But not as many people have heard the horrifying story of a similar top-secret project in the UK — rumored to have been authorized by the British Secret Service during the final months of World War II.

Image Credit: CNBRB/Wikimedia Commons

This test, reportedly conducted at a classified testing facility operated by the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) in 1944, has been nicknamed the “Blood Freezing Experiment,” and full documentation on the project — including its disastrous results — is allegedly still on file at MI5 Headquarters in Thames House, London.

This documentation was shared with the creepypasta web community by user EvraVon53, a contributor and former site administrator for the Creepypasta Wiki.

The project’s goal was the development of a serum which would alter the properties of human blood in such a way that it would solidify instantly in any area where an artery, vein or capillary was severed. This instantaneous coagulation would, in theory, drastically reduce the number of battlefield casualties and prevent wounded soldiers from bleeding to death before they could receive proper medical care. The plan would also suggest that their long-term goal was to develop of a kind of impervious super-soldier… but there is nothing in the records stating this conclusively.

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According to the MI5 case files shared by EvraVon53, the serum involved a mixture of organic compounds nomofungin + communesin B with the alkaloid perophoramidine, in varying proportions. The experiment also involved increasing the human blood plasma levels (with the side effect that blood cells would enlarge in size and become more difficult to oxygenate), and modifications to the medulla oblongata, the organ at the base of the brain which controls involuntary motor functions.

The files list the procedures of the experiment in medically exact detail, but I’ll break it down into a more simplified version.

Image Credit: Adam Smigielski

The test subjects were three males between the ages of 22 and 29, all of whom were promised a sizable paycheck for their involvement. Once the compound was introduced into their bloodstreams, their first 24 hours were spent in a hospital bed under strict controls, with all vital functions monitored and no food allowed. Beginning on the second day and continuing through the third, subjects were administered food and pain medication as needed, but were not allowed to leave their beds until after 72 hours.

At this time, subjects were conducted to the testing room, where they were strapped down and sedated heavily before being subjected to a series of violent injuries, including the slashing of arteries and being shot at point-blank range. By the fourth day, the same injuries were inflicted on the subjects, but minus the sedation.

Image Credit: Juergen Bosse

The descriptions of these procedures sound horrific enough… but notes on the actual experiment enter the realm of nightmares.

Less than an hour after the compound was first introduced into the subjects, they began to experience intense pain and violent convulsions, and two of them were convinced they would die any moment. However, this reaction seemed to subside within the next two hours, and the subjects calmed down.

In the testing room, the ferocious trauma inflicted on the subject’s bodies yielded shocking results: when the first man’s arm was cut open with a scalpel, his blood — which oozed as a thick, gelatinous black substance — solidified so quickly that the blade became stuck. In all cases, their wounds responded alike, sealing themselves with the black ooze, which hardened almost instantly.

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The experiments continued the next day, with similar results. Midway through the fourth day, however, the scientists began to observe behavioral changes among the three subjects: they seemed to be withdrawn — even described as “ashamed” — when doctors attempted to examine them, and one of the subjects lost consciousness for several hours. The research team determined that a drastic shift in the pH levels of the subjects’ blood had triggered a shock-like reaction… but as the hours passed, it seemed that the subjects were displaying signs of increased hostility and potential aggression.

Nevertheless, the experiments continued.

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By the sixth day, the subjects had undergone significant changes in physical appearance: their skin had turned bluish-gray and seemed to take on a tough, leathery texture, and their irises darkened to the point where their eyes eventually became pure black.

Despite warnings from the researchers that the chemical compound needed to be adjusted before conducting further tests, the SIS authorities pushed them to continue the experiment. This turned out to be a grave mistake.

As the subjects were being readied for another barrage of test gunfire, they suddenly broke free from their restraints, and with maniacal strength they lunged at the scientists and guards, savagely biting and ripping into their flesh… and even eating parts of their bodies.

Image Credit: Power of Forever

MI5 agents were called in to “neutralize” the test room (this can be taken to mean the execution of everyone inside), but when they reached the facility, all three subjects were reportedly missing.

The concluding notes on the case — which include postmortem studies of those killed — theorize that the chemical compound may have triggered a primal aggression response in the medulla oblongata, combined with a boost of physical strength caused by the enhanced blood cells. However, no explanation could be found for the subjects’ cannibalistic urges… or the fact that their saliva seemed to contain venom-like properties.

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The whereabouts of all three escapees are still unknown. If they did escape the SIS test facility, there is no record of the aftermath in the project documentation… unless, of course, those records were removed.