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Woman’s Phone Records Her Sleep-Talking… and a Terrifying Voice Answers

There really is a smartphone app for just about everything — but in one bizarre and chilling case, a sleep-monitoring application might have an added function the designers never intended. That might not be a good thing, either… especially for the phone’s terrified owner.

A Reddit thread initiated by a user named “Jenny” (who goes by the handle Redwantsblue80) described an eerie experience which occurred when she began using the application Sleep As Android. The popular app is designed to monitor disruptions in the user’s sleeping habits by detecting and recording any sounds of movement, which helps them pinpoint exactly when their sleep pattern is disturbed.

But in Jenny’s case, the program had an unexpected drawback: it caused her phone to record something which might make her afraid to go back to sleep… ever.

When she played back the recordings from a previous night, Jenny was puzzled to hear a strange, repetitive clicking noise — which began at 2:04 AM (represented by the spike on the app graph below), and seemed to grow louder and louder with each passing hour. But that’s not the scariest part.

After this clicking continued for a few hours, she could hear her own voice mumbling in her sleep: “What are you doing?” It can be heard after the 8-second mark on this audio excerpt:

If you listen carefully, the sound that follows is clearly a deep male voice, which seems to be responding: “Nothing.”

Note that there was no one else in Jenny’s house that night, male or otherwise.

Later in the recording, we hear a male voice once more… and more than one commenter is convinced it says “I’m dead,” or “That’s them.”

“I am pretty creeped out by this,” she continues in the post. “I don’t remember being awake that night. The only plausible explanation is that I answered my own [sleep-talking]… but the voice doesn’t even sound like me or something I could emulate.”

The thread, which included the audio recording in question, grabbed the attention of Redditors from around the world — many of whom posted their own theories. One user analyzed the sound file and determined it was physically impossible for the mystery voice’s frequency to come from the same woman. More than one commenter suggested a home invasion, but Jenny reported no signs of a break-in.

Listen for yourself… here’s a version with the “voice” enhanced for clarity. What (or whom) do you think is speaking?