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NIGHT TERRORS: Is This Mobile Horror Game the POKEMON GO Killer?

Have you ever wanted to live in a survival horror game? Then I’ve got just the app for you. NIGHT TERRORS is a soon-to-be-released mobile game that takes augmented reality away from the kiddies playing POKÉMON GO and uses it to create real world terror, putting you inside an immersive survival horror experience.

Made by Novum Analytics, NIGHT TERRORS is crazy ambitious. It uses your phone’s accelerometer, camera, flash, microphone, gyroscope, and GPS to make an accurate map of your house as you play. This means the “augmented” haunted house in the game is accurate to your real crib, and the games effects are custom tailored to your real life.

The story involves a girl trapped in another world within your home. You play by looking at the world through your screen, while the app adds photo-realistic ghosts and effects to the environment.  But it’s more than just superimposed spooks jumping out at you. Judging from the trailer, NIGHT TERRORS takes full advantage of all aspects of your phone, which means in-game text messages, phone calls, the app controlling your flashlight, and who knows what else. It’s even compatible with your Apple Watch.

Check out the trailer below and tell me you don’t need to play this game.

If everything goes according to plan, NIGHT TERRORS will launch on Halloween, and will cost $5.99 on iTunes and the Android Store. You can pre-order it here.