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Hail Satan! Celebrities Who Joined the Church of Satan

When Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey published THE SATANIC BIBLE in 1969, he not only caused an uproar in the Christian community, he attracted the attention of individuals looking for a new direction that veered away from the stodginess and strict dogma of Christianity. Although the church’s beliefs are vast and broad, its core belief is humanism: placing the needs, wants, and desires of the individual ahead of everything else. LaVeyan Satanists also hold on to the belief that all deities (including Satan) are created by man, and therefore the worship of God is the worship of man who created that god. Since its creation in 1966, LaVeyan Satanism has attracted a wide variety of celebrities. Here are a few of the church’s proud members along with a few suspected ones.

shadow rising from the hell

Jayne Mansfield

This Hollywood sex symbol of the 1950s and star of such films as KISS THEM FOR ME and THE WAYWARD BUS had a strong connection to the Church of Satan. Not only was Mansfield believed to be romantically involved with LaVey, she was also award the title of “High Priestess of San Francisco” in 1966.


Sammy Davis Jr.

It is believed that the Rat Packers first introduction to the church was at an orgy by in the 60s. In 1973, Davis accepted an honorary second-degree Church of Satan membership.


One of the earliest members of the Church, Liberace was a dedicated member who attributed a lot of his later success to his membership.

Kenneth Anger

Although Anger prefers to be known as a “pagan”, the author, underground filmmaker, and former child star was good friends with LaVey as well as the godfather to his daughter.

Matt Skiba

The Alkaline Trio front man has been a long time and outspoken supporter of the Church.

Balls Mahoney

Extreme Championship Wrestling (and later WWE) wrestler Balls Mahoney has said several times in interviews that he is a member of the Church of Satan.

Marc Almond

The Soft Cell front man, known for the 1981 hit “Tainted Love”, was initiated into the Church in 1999.

Marilyn Manson

Sorry if this may shock some of you, but this fine clean-cut boy from Canton, Ohio is actually a member of the Church of Satan. Of course, we probably should have figured this out when he covered Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love”.


Other Suspected Members

Although there is no official link between these individuals and the church, conspiracy theories abound about their membership.

George W. Bush

The former president has been accused of a lot of things, including membership in the notorious and highly secretive organization known as the Illuminati as well as the Church of Satan. None of this has ever actually been proven. Although there is evidence that he was a member of Yale’s secret society known as Skull and Bones. (Does anyone else hear those unmarked helicopters flying over my office?)

Lady Gaga

It’s not that Lady Gaga has been accused a being a member of the Church of Satan, so much as she’s actually been accused of being Satan. It makes a lot of sense- she is ungodly talented and has a devil-may-care fashion sense. (I’m going to go ahead and put my idioms to bed now)

Jimmy Page

Although not a LaVeyan Satanist, it is rumored that the Led Zeppelin guitarist did follow the teachings of occultist and suspected Satan worshiper Aleister Crowley. Allusions to his allegiance were made in the band’s 1976 concert film THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME. The opening segment features Crowley’s former home, which just so happened to be Jimmy Paige’s current home at the time.