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Doomed Commuter Documents Her Own Fate in Real-Time at “Kisaragi Station”

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Today’s Creepypasta is particularly chilling due to the mystery surrounding its origins: while it made the usual Reddit rounds over the past few years, and made it to in 2012, the following exchange is believed to have originated in 2004 on a 2chan Japanese image board, when it insinuated itself into a discussion thread entitled “Post About Strange Occurrences Around You.”

According to various sites who reposted the piece, the original user who entered that thread did not identify herself at first… but about midway through the discussion, for reasons unknown, she began to list her name as Hasumi. She was allegedly disembarking from a train departing from Shin-Hamamatsu and found herself alone after the train departed… after which she claimed to experience increasingly disturbing events.

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This isn’t the first of many such “ghost station” stories, which figure prominently in the urban mythology of modern Japan… but it’s definitely one of the creepiest.

A condensed version of that discussion begins below, taken from a transcript translated by VGPerson, and contains most input from other 2chan users engaged on the same 2004 thread. For consistency, we identified the user as Hasumi from the beginning, and did not identify the other #2ch users by name.

Hasumi: This may just be my imagination… Can I post it anyway?

#2ch: Go ahead… What’s going on?

Hasumi: I’ve been riding a certain train for a while, but something seems off.

#2ch: Hmm…

Hasumi: I always take this train to work. But it hasn’t stopped at any stations for the past twenty minutes or so. It usually only takes five minutes, seven or eight at worst. Oh, and there’s five other passengers, but they’re all sleeping.

#2ch: Did you take the express train by mistake?

Hasumi: Well, it’s possible I may have just missed my stop. I’ll wait a little longer. If anything else strange occurs, I might bring it up here.

#2ch: It would be really bad if the driver had an epileptic fit or something. You should check on the conductor!

Hasumi: Still not sign of stopping, so all right, I’ll take a look… There were blinds or something covering the window, so I couldn’t see the conductor or the driver. The route is a private railway in Shizuoka.

#2ch: Knock on the window?

Hasumi: I tried that, but nobody answered.

#2ch: Can you see out the window? Names of stations you’re passing, etc.?

Hasumi: We came out a tunnel, so we’re dropping speed slightly. There usually aren’t any tunnels, though… It’s a train from Shin-Hamamatsu. Looks like we’re finally stopping at a station.

#2ch: You aren’t going to get off there… are you?

Hasumi: We’re stopped at Kisaragi Station. I wonder if I should get off. I’ve never heard of this place before.

#2ch: No, stay on until the last stop.

Hasumi: I’ve already gotten off the train. The station’s unmanned. I believe I got on the train at 11:40.

#2ch: I’m not finding any information on Kisaragi Station.

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Hasumi: I’m looking for a schedule so I can get back, but I can’t find one. The train is still stopped, so it’d probably be safest to get back on… Well, it left while I was writing that.

#2ch: Is there anyone nearby, or any buildings?

Hasumi: I’ll look for a taxi from the station.

#2ch: Way past the last train, at an unmanned station… Really questionable if you’ll have any luck finding a taxi there.

Hasumi: There don’t seem to be any taxis anywhere. Hmm…

#2ch: Call 110? [number for police in Japan] Or if there’s a telephone booth nearby, look up the taxi company in the phonebook and call.

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Hasumi: I called home and asked to be picked up, but neither of my parents seem to know where Kisaragi Station is. They’ll look for it on the maps so they can come get me, but I’m getting a little scared now.

#2ch: Are you the only one who got off the train?

Hasumi: I looked for a public phone, but there’s nothing. And no one else got off, so I’m alone now. It’s definitely called Kisaragi.

Hasumi: Looking into it… apparently it’s written with the kanji for “Devil,” but it’s read “Kisaragi”…

#2ch: Tell us the names of the stations before and after Kisaragi.

Hasumi: It doesn’t say what the next and previous stations are.

#2ch: Walk back along the track. There must be houses around the station, right?

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Hasumi: Yes, there are. I didn’t quite notice since I was panicking. I’m waiting for my parents to call while walking along the track. I tried checking town information, but it gave me a “point error” or something. I want to go home.

There’s really just nothing around here. All I can see are fields and mountains. But I think I’ll be able to make it back if I go down the track, so I’ll keep pushing on.

Treat this as a joke if you will, but can I come to you if I encounter any more trouble?

#2ch: Of course. Just be careful out there. It really might be safest to wait for daybreak at the station, though…

Hasumi: I got a call from my father, and he had many questions, but simply couldn’t find my location. I’ve been told to call 110, which I’m a little opposed to doing, but I’ll try asking them to help me now…

#2ch: I really think you should wait until it gets lighter out before you do anything…

Hasumi: I called 110 and tried my absolute best to explain the situation, but they thought it was all a joke and got angry at me.

#2ch: What’s it like around the station? What’s there?

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Hasumi: I hear what sounds like a beating drum mixed with some kind of bell way off in the distance. Honestly, I have no idea what to do at this point.

#2ch: Get back to the station for now, Hasumi. It’s best to return to where you started when you’re lost.

Hasumi: You might think I’m kidding, but I’m too scared to look behind me. I do want to go back to the station, but… I don’t dare turn around.

#2ch: Run. And don’t look back. Run through the tunnel! I’m sure you’ll find you’re not far. You can’t go back to the station now.

Hasumi: Someone behind me yelled “Hey! Don’t walk on the track, that’s dangerous!” I looked around expecting to see an attendant, and saw a one-legged old man, but he vanished. I think I’m too scared to move.

#2ch: Calm down and listen to big bro, okay? Check out where that drum’s coming from. There’s bound to be somebody playing it…

Hasumi: I can’t walk or run any further. The drumming sound is getting a little closer.

#2ch: Wait for dawn. It won’t be scary in the daylight.

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[At this point, Hasumi’s entries stop for a brief period, and several other users seem to be legitimately concerned, and repeatedly prompt her to reply.]

Hasumi: I’m still alive. But I fell and started bleeding, and I broke a heel, so I’m sitting still on the ground. I don’t want to die now…

#2ch: It should be safe if you leave the tunnel. Once you get out of there, call for help immediately.

Hasumi: I called home. Dad’s calling the police, but the sound keeps getting closer.

#2ch: I hope to god that’s not the sound of a train…

Hasumi: I finally managed to make it to the front of the tunnel. The name says Isanuki. The sound’s still getting closer, so I’m going to leave the tunnel. If I’m safe once I get out of the tunnel, I’ll post again.

#2ch: Good luck.

[More time passes, with other users expressing their thoughts about the strange sounds before Hasumi returns with a new update.]

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Hasumi: I left the tunnel. There’s someone up ahead. It looks like all your advice was right after all. Thank you so much. My face is such a mess from tears, he might just mistake me for a monster.

#2ch: Wait, Hasumi! Someone there? This late at night? That’s suspicious…

Hasumi: He seems gentle, and was worried for me. He called for a train to take me to the nearest station. Apparently there’s some kind of business hotel there. I’m truly, truly thankful to all of you.

#2ch: Hasumi, please answer me this one thing: can you ask that man what that place is?

Hasumi: I asked him where it was, and he said “Hina.” That seems extremely unlikely, though…

#2ch: Excuse me, Hasumi? Where’s Hina?

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Hasumi: We’ve been headed toward the mountains for some time. It really doesn’t strike me as a place where trains would go. And he’s stopped talking to me entirely.

#2ch: Hasumi… Please call 110. This might be your last chance.

Hasumi: My battery’s almost run out. Things are getting strange, so I think I’m going to make a run for it. He’s been talking to himself about bizarre things for a while now. To prepare for just the right time, I’m going to make this my last post for now.

Hasumi never posted another update to the thread, and was never heard from again.