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5 Real Cases of Poltergeists in the USA

A poltergeist is a supernatural entity which causes physical disturbances. These can manifest as noises, temperature changes, or even the actual movement of objects. This is what distinguishes poltergeists from your standard haunting. The name itself comes from the German word “poltern”, which means to make a “sound” and the word “geist” which means “ghost”. So what we’re talking about are noisy ghosts. And what better place to find the noisiest of ghosts then right here in the good old USA. So here are five supposedly real poltergeists found in America.

Savannah, Georgia- 1998

In 1998, the SAVANNAH MORNING NEWS hosted a series of reports about a haunted antique bed from the late 1800s. The bed was purchased from an auction by Al Cobb who bought the bed for his son’s bedroom. His son, Jason, soon told his parents that he had the sensation of being choked in his bed at night and that the pictures in his room kept moving around. Toys also seemed to be out of place and often left in the middle of the floor or bed. Al eventually went into his son’s room and asked the ghost to identify himself and his age. He left a blank piece of paper and crayon on the bed. When he went back 15 minutes later, “Danny, 7” was written sloppily on the paper. Communicating only by writing, the ghost stated that it was his mother’s bed, and he did not want anyone else using it. Soon the family was finding sloppily scrawled messages all over the house, and Jason also told his parent’s about other spirits who visited his room.  Eventually, the disturbances went quiet, but they still have never been explained.

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Indianapolis, Indiana- 1962

Three generations of women lived in a house on North Delaware Street in Indianapolis: a grandmother, her middle-aged daughter and teenage granddaughter. The poltergeist began by moving a beer mug around a table one night, but it soon escalated to breaking ornaments and dishes. Police made several visits to the property because of the disturbances, and a paranormal investigator claimed to have seen the items move first hand. The poltergeists eventually began making psychical contact, leaving bite marks and bruises on the ladies. Some neighbors accused the trio of doing it to themselves, but others swore they saw flying objects that could not have possibly have been caused by any of the women.

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Spotsylvania, Virginia- 1986

The Colosimo family moved into a new house and immediately noticed that their daughter’s room was very drafty, often seeming much colder than the rest of the house. Being devote Catholics, they hung a rosary in her room and had a priest bless the house. That’s when the real trouble began. Books would fly off shelves, doors were ripped from hinges, and the rosary was repeatedly thrown from the wall. Desperate, the family called a local witch. The witch stated that the spirit was a 16-year-old Confederate solider who had been invited in to the house by the prior homeowner’s children. After the witch asked the spirit to leave, the family never again had any poltergeist-related problems.

Self-Portrait of a tortured spirit along with many other spirits, fighting to re-enter the physical realm once again. Trapped in the spiritual realm that binds them all.

Olive Hill, Kentucky- 1968

The Callihan family had long reported troubles with poltergeists, and the spirit seemed to follow them from house to house breaking dishes and even furniture. In 1968, the family became the subject of a study by William Roll who headed the Psychical Research Foundation in North Carolina. The Callihan’s poltergeist was often willing to make itself known in front of visitors by throwing household objects and even a TV. Dr. Roll himself documented that at one point the kitchen table leaped into the air, rotated completely, and then landed back down on all four legs. Though many people investigated the Olive Hill poltergeist, no one was ever able to find proof of fraud or that the family was behind any of the disturbances.

Ghostly figure standing on stairs inside a hounted house holding doll


Bronx, New York- 1974

The Robbins family of Bronx, NY also suffered from flying objects and general destruction. Their poltergeist had a penchant for leaning objects, often balancing chairs or heavy pieces of furniture in highly unnatural ways or just levitating them all together. Many people, including neighbors, friends, and a policeman claimed to have seen the poltergeist at work.