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You’re Only 11 Miles from Your Dream… Or Your Worst Nightmare

Much like our earlier entry on “The Devil Game,” today’s creepypasta discovery is essentially a set of very specific instructions. Also in the mode of that previous installment, if the game’s rules are followed to the letter, the author (whose identity here is unknown) claims the player can achieve the ultimate prize… but if you fail to follow each and every rule along the way, horrifying consequences will result.

“Do you have something that you truly, relentlessly desire?” says the author as they prepare to reveal the rules of the game. “Despite your state of life, is there something else that you would go completely to the end of the world to get?”

As it turns out, that goal is never more than 11 miles away. It’s just a matter of knowing how to reach it.

But as they go on to explain, it’s not quite as easy as it sounds.

Any vehicle will do, apparently, but for the sake of simplicity, the author describes the process from behind the wheel of a car.


They recommend a vehicle which is “not too large or noticeable,” as the safety of “the cover of night” may be necessary along the journey. They also advise against using a cherished or valuable vehicle, for reasons they explain later.

The next step — and presumably the most difficult — is to locate the correct road. A road with no name, no location and no corresponding GPS coordinates. A road deep within the wilderness, far from civilization. A road which doesn’t technically exist.

“It will only show up if you’re looking for it at the right time,” the author explains, “and you will only spot it if you know what to look for.”

The final and possibly most important rules before beginning the journey are simply these: you must go on this journey by night, and you must go alone. Then, as you begin your drive, the exact path will theoretically reveal itself to you.

Image Credit: iStock/Alexander Chernayakov
Image Credit: iStock/Alexander Chernayakov

But you must be paying close attention: not only to find the exact path you need, but to what you hope to find at your destination. In other words, the way in which the path reveals itself depends entirely on what you’re looking for.

“For example, if you’re in search of wealth, you may spot shimmers on the empty branches of trees as if they resembled the shine of gold or diamonds,” the author writes. “If you seek love, you may begin to see rose petals slowly dance in the light breeze, blowing in the road’s direction. If you seek revenge, you might sense an ever-growing feeling of heat or anger in your body as you approach.”

When the signs reveal themselves, you’re instructed to take a deep breath and steer onto the path. Thus begins your 11-mile journey toward your destiny, and from this point there is no turning back.

Image Credit: iStock/Shaun L
Image Credit: iStock/Shaun L

According to the author, this is where the real challenges begin… along with a very specific and critical set of rules:

Turn off all audio and communication devices — especially the car radio and your phone.

Do not open your car windows.

Do not drive in excess of 30 miles per hour.

Do not take your eyes off the road, regardless of what you might see at the corners of your perception.

Never turn the car around once you are moving forward.

And most importantly, do not — under any circumstances — exit the vehicle, no matter what happens.

Image Credit: iStock/Kara Grubis
Image Credit: iStock/Kara Grubis

For the first mile, nothing will appear out of the ordinary, other than a darkening of the surroundings, increased clarity in the sky, and a slight chill inside the vehicle, regardless of the time of year. The air grows even colder with each successive mile of the journey.

As you progress, you may find that the road becomes more difficult to navigate, with random twists and turns appearing from nowhere, and obstacles appearing to block your path: bumps and ridges in the road, sinkholes and scattered rock-falls. Eventually, the author says, the road will consist of nothing but dirt and gravel.

Be alert, and avoid severely damaging your car… because, as the rules stated earlier, you can never exit the vehicle if you were to suddenly become stranded.

Stay alert, and keep focused at all times. Because it’s about to get worse.

Image Credit: iStock/Piranka
Image Credit: iStock/Piranka

After the third mile, you may begin to see vague human figures among the trees ahead. The author advises you pay no attention to them… as they will reveal themselves soon enough. By the fourth mile, you may begin to imagine their voices whispering to you. No matter what they say… don’t listen.

On the fifth mile, the road will pass through a clearing in the woods, bordering an immense lake that extends to the horizon, illuminated by a brilliant full moon. Despite the incomparable beauty of this scene, do not stare at the moon. Staring into the moonlight will cause you to drive directly into the lake, and like the air outside your window, the waters are allegedly cold enough to kill you in seconds.

Image Credit: iStock/Rugli G
Image Credit: iStock/Rugli G

By the sixth mile, you may notice that the stars above you are flickering out one by one. You will pass the clearing, and the moon will no longer illuminate your path. Only your headlights will light your way… and you might notice them growing dimmer by the second.

At this point, the author warns that the car radio may suddenly switch itself on automatically with a deafening, high-frequency screech, which then breaks up as it seems to be tuning to an unknown channel. That channel is broadcasting nothing but a calm, soothing human voice.

That voice, the author says, will begin to tell you of your darkest, most paralyzing fears, and describe them in excruciating detail. All they can suggest is that you try not to listen, and keep your eyes focused on the road ahead.

Image Credit: iStock/Piranka
Image Credit: iStock/Piranka

By the seventh mile, the voices of the distant human figures will take on clarity… until they sound like distant screams. The screams will seem to get closer and closer, until they sound like they’re coming from inside the car.

The author claims this is not an illusion; these beings are what remains of those who played the game and failed to follow the rules to the letter.

One of the beings is now actually riding with you, sitting directly behind you. No matter what happens, do not turn around to face the source of that voice.

Image Credit: iStock/Eric Vega
Image Credit: iStock/Eric Vega

The road becomes even more hazardous on the eighth mile, with more sudden turns and dangerous obstacles including downed trees, scattered debris and deep, dangerous pits.

It’s recommended that you slow down to navigate this portion (especially because your headlights will be less and less reliable from here on out), but be wary of the shadowy figures, which by now will have become clearer and more solid… and they may be gathering around your car as you weave through the perilous landscape. If they cause you to wreck your car, your fate is sealed.

Image Credit: iStock/Appletat
Image Credit: iStock/Appletat

By the ninth mile, your car may stall, and the headlights will die out completely.

There is only on possible solution to this dilemma: close your eyes tight, take a deep breath, and try to start your engine again. The author assures that this is likely a result of the beings attempting to impact the physical world and lure you out to join them, and not a mechanical issue with the car. Still… do not under any circumstances open your eyes until the engine is running again.

Image Credit: iStock/John North
Image Credit: iStock/John North

Assuming you succeed in restarting the vehicle, hit the gas as hard as you can and continue down the path. If you’ve done everything correctly, the beings will be left behind and your path should become clearer again. After another mile — with only one more remaining on your journey — even their voices will fade away into silence.

On the eleventh mile, you will hear your engine stall again… but somehow, the vehicle will continue moving forward. The rough road will become so smooth that it may feel as if you were gliding through the air.

Then, directly ahead, you may see a faint red light. As your car glides ahead, you may feel a subconscious sensation that the light itself is drawing you and your vehicle toward it.

Image Credit: iStock/Tanantornanutra
Image Credit: iStock/Tanantornanutra

Now it’s time to close your eyes again. Keep them closed at all costs. Don’t be concerned about driving the car blind; there is something else guiding it at this stage.

Keep your eyes shut, no matter what you hear or feel around you. You may feel bizarre sensations or witness visions playing across the insides of your eyelids… horrifying images and sensations of intense heat, of flames crisping your flesh, and the screams of other human beings all around you, for miles in every direction. Whatever you do, keep your eyes covered until these horrific sensations end. The author claims that they will persist for 31 seconds before ceasing entirely.

You will know you’re approaching your destination when your engine powers up again and the headlights snap back on. But keep your eyes closed… and keep on driving.

Image Credit: iStock/SStevens3
Image Credit: iStock/SStevens3

Eventually you will reach a dead end, where the road becomes so coarse that the car can go no further. The author advises that you try to relax and take comfort in the knowledge that you have survived your journey… then, at last, you can open your eyes.

You should see yourself at the beginning of the road, at the exact point where you began your 11-mile trek… and you may realize that something else has changed: that thing you wished for most dearly is now yours. You may not know this immediately, but it will apparently come to pass.

But is this truly the end of the story? Now that you’ve done everything correctly, survived the hellish ordeal, and returned to the point at which you started, what’s left now? The author claims that there is no catch, no downside, no punchline, no sudden twist of fickle fate once the journey is over.


“Is there something else you desire?” the author asks in the story’s coda. “Are you not yet satisfied? After all, you’re left right back where you started. The road’s right in front of you, so are you up for another drive?”


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