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Did These Videos Capture 5 Mysterious Creatures On Tape?

Just last week, while doing my usual tour of the wacky and weird world of YouTube, I stumbled upon a great video clip showcasing 10 Haunted Dolls Caught On Tape. Because of this, YouTube’s algorithm has been kind enough to bombard me with similar “real life scare” videos, which I’m thankful for! This one in particular caught my attention. Real life mysterious creatures caught on camera?!

Look, this is goofy and ridiculous. And I’m fairly confident in saying that none of these are real monsters or creatures. But, we’re all horror fans, and part of the fun of this is we want to believe. We want to see something intended to be “real life horror.”

I was on a flight back to Los Angeles from New York a few years back and just happened to have the channel on Animal Planet. They were showing a riveting “documentary” about uncovering real mermaids. Initially, I was like “really? Whoa! This can’t be real, can it?” The footage they showed looked ridiculously staged and fake because, well… it was. And yet, this fictitious mermaid mockumentary was the highest rated thing ever aired on Animal Planet. It just proves people want to see the fantastic, even if it’s not real.

With that said, here’s a video put together by The Top 5’s Finest You Tube network. Have a look and if you dig it, be sure to subscribe to their other videos. Hey… white Bigfoot looks cool, no?