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This Diabolical “Hex Bomb” Makes Bathtime So F**king Metal

I’ll tell you something you’ve probably guessed by now: I’m kind of weird.

For example, most people I know prefer taking showers over baths, and for a variety of reasons: first, they’re easier and more refreshing as a little pick-me-up before getting ready for work; second, they usually waste less water — and in California, where I currently reside, this is no small matter.

With that said, I have to confess to being mainly a bath person. To begin with, I’m over six feet tall, and I hate having to hunch over like some kind of silent-movie villain just to get my head under the spray. Further, I read constantly, and there’s something very Zen about soaking in the tub with a good book.

Image Credit: Bella Muerte Clothing
Image Credit: Bella Muerte Clothing

But I’m also so damn evil that Satan himself won’t return my phone calls, so this is the kind of product I’d be happy to endorse, if only someone would throw a bunch of money in my direction…


Thanks to a Twitter video making a major splash (hahahahahahahahahaha) on social media recently, spooky kids all over the world are now obsessed with finding out how they can buy or make this evil effervescent item — which, as shown in the clip below, will turn an innocent tubful of bathwater into a seething cauldron of blackness.

Since the original video didn’t reference where the item came from, people have been tracking down vendors who might be selling the charcoal-like fizzies… and it looks like there are quite a few of them out there.

I can’t really rate or review any of these products (unless someone out there wants to send me a free sample or two, hint-hint), but the one which seems to be making the most news lately is the “Black as Your Soul” bath bomb, which is one of the biggest sellers in the “Hex Bomb” line from UK-based company Bella Muerte Clothing.

Image Credit: Bella Muerte Clothing
Image Credit: Bella Muerte Clothing

The company claims the product “will not stain your skin and smells amazing,” and if your tub-time tastes run more toward Elizabeth Bathory-style virgin bloodbaths, they can handle that too.