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Watch This Man Attempt to Create a “Homunculus” From a Chicken Egg and Human Sperm

First of all, I should probably explain what the hell a homunculus is, for those of you who aren’t immersed in occult lore (as we tend to be here at the office): according to the writings of ancient alchemy dating back as early as the 16th century, the homunculus is a living miniature humanoid (the name in Latin literally means “little man”) cultivated from human sperm.

Scientists of that era speculated that all of a human being’s heredity might exist in miniature size within a sperm cell — and through the guidance of a trained alchemist, a miniature human could actually be incubated outside of a human womb.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Occultist Paracelsus wrote in his 1537 volume De Natura Rerum that he had actually accomplished this in his own experiments, creating a tiny being which he considered to be humanoid, but incomplete… and he also claimed that it fed on human blood.

Now that I’ve dropped that knowledge on you, let’s skip ahead a few centuries.

In 2015, a Russian YouTube user once posted a video documenting what he described as the process of creating and growing a homunculus following the ancient precepts of Alchemy, and while most viewers dismissed it as a weird but entertaining experiment, rumors soon began to surface around the video, claiming it was totally authentic.

There’s nothing much one can do to prove or deny such outrageous allegations, and the original video doesn’t really provide any measurable results… so skeptics began attempting to duplicate the experiment themselves, just to prove the goofiness of those rumors, which just never seem to go away. So far, if any of them has been successful at creating their own monster, they haven’t posted any proof yet.


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