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Man Dies While Watching THE CONJURING 2… and His Body Mysteriously Disappears

Worldwide, emotional aftershocks continue to reverberate after the theatrical release of James Wan’s smash sequel to THE CONJURING — which many horror fans and reviewers now consider one of the most terrifying movies of all time.


As THE CONJURING 2 premiered this month in multiple countries, rumors immediately began circulating about bizarre occurrences connected to screenings of the film — including reports of an audience member falling into horrific convulsions (the viral video connected to this story was later revealed to be from an earlier unconnected event), and a man in Singapore finding a cross appearing on his hotel room mirror after he watched the film.


But the latest related story to hit the news may in fact be more than just an internet myth… and if that’s true, it’s both tragic and deeply terrifying.

As reported and verified by the Times of India and the UK Telegraph, THE CONJURING 2 may have contributed to the death of an audience member who was watching the film in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The unnamed moviegoer, a 65-year-old man from nearby Andhra Pradesh, was attending a showing of CONJURING 2 in Sri Balasubramaniar Cinema in the town of Tiruvannamalai when he began to complain to his companion of sudden chest pains during the film’s final act. He apparently lost consciousness shortly afterward, and was rushed to the nearby Old Government Hospital… but sadly, was pronounced dead on arrival.

But the chilling and macabre story doesn’t end there.


The body was then scheduled to be transported to the Tiruvannamalai Government Medical College Hospital, which was better equipped to conduct a complete postmortem examination. But the Times of India reports that the cadaver — and the paramedical drivers transporting it — never reached their destination.

News of the body’s disappearance has created a wave of panic throughout the region, with rumors spreading about a curse connected to the film itself.

While a police investigation is ongoing, whereabouts of the body and the missing paramedics remain unknown as of this writing.