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Real Life X-MEN: Actual People with Mutant Superpowers

A few weeks ago, we discussed five people who have actual mutant super abilities. Check out our original list here. We used our own superpowers (Are research skills a superpower? Let’s pretend they are!) to find more awesome humans who have surpassed the ability of any normal man. Can you see microscopic objects, exercise an excessive amount, or move things with your mind? These folks can!

Arthur Lintgen

Superpower: Supervision

Arthur was a doctor by trade, but he was most well-known for his amazing set of peepers! He could see nearly microscopic objects. How did folks test this? They had him identify unlabeled records by reading the grooves in them. And he passed. He could read the tiny, microscopic grooves on records! The condition is known as “telescopic vision”. Many people with this condition can also see well over a mile, even in the dark.



Elizabeth Taylor- yes, the actress

Superpower: Extra set of eyelashes which made her super sexy

What is the one beauty trait most folks remember about Elizabeth Taylor? Those legendary eyes! But it was what surrounded those eyes that made them so remarkable. Taylor had rare medical condition known as Distichia. Essentially, it caused a second set of eye lashes to grow right behind the first ones, thus framing her eyes and making them look more dark and alluring. In Taylor’s case, this rare disorder made her all the more attractive, but don’t be too envious. The condition does not usually turn out so well. It can cause eyelashes to grow insanely long to the point that they block vision. And sometimes, the second set of lashes grows inward, right towards the eye which can cause severe problems and even blindness. Just run a google image search for “Distichia” and get ready to squirm.



Antonio Alfonseco

Superpower: Extra finger

Alfonseco was a MLB relief pitcher who most recently threw for the Phillies, but also played for the Marlins, the Cubs, the Braves, and the Rangers during his career. Alfonseco also had an extra finger on his throwing hand, which led to his nickname “the Octopus” and likely helped his pitch with extra control and push.

23 Alfonseca


Eero Mantyranta

Superpower: Super endurance

Eero was a Finnish skiing champion. He competed in four Olympic games, winning three medals. But Eero had a helluva natural leg-up over his opponents. He had a genetic mutation in his erythropoietin receptor which increased the amount of oxygen his blood could carry by up to 50%. Meaning while the rest of his competitors were struggling for air, Eero was breathing easy. Oddly enough, even with the God-given mutant gift, Eero still tested positive for steroid use. But it was the early 1970s, and the Olympics were still pretty chill with doping back then, so no punishment or penalties were ever given.



Nina Kulagina

Superpower: Moving objects with her mind.

Nina was the subject of much international discussion in the 1960s. During the Cold War, film footage was supposedly snuck out of Russia showing Nina moving objects with her mind. The films were said to be tests from Russian scientists who would likely use Nina in the Russian Army. Oh no! The Reds had beat us in psychic ability! American scientists rushed to work trying to determine if the footage was real or not. Intel out of Russia seemed like the footage was legit. Everyone involved claimed she could actually move objects, alter electromagnetic fields, and she was even said to have stopped the beating heart of a frog. The US Government concluded that Nina was just really good at sleight of hand, but some of the original scientists involved went to their graves still saying she was the real thing.