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The Resurrection Of A Hollywood Horror Director! A Candid Chat With Mark Pavia On SHOCK WAVES!

Episode 5 of SHOCK WAVES is filled to the brim with horror talk! Join your co-host Rob Galluzzo (that’d be me!) as we journey through various chats and discussions about genre movies. First up, Elric Kane and Rob chat about the Korean feature film THE WAILING, as well as OUJIA, and BEYOND THE GATES, the directorial debut from Jackson Stewart which just premiered at the LA Film Fest. Elric also talks about seeing Stephen King’s THE NIGHT FLIER for the first time, which will come into play later in this episode!

Bekah reports back from the Phoenix Comic Con and gives us the full low-down on the convention’s highlights, the topics of discussion coming out of the panels and what a quick stop at the Salton Sea was like on her trek back to California. Head of development at Blumhouse Productions Ryan Turek joins the show with his horror pick of the week, Blue Underground’s new Blu-Ray release of VENOM!

The show then turns its focus to a very candid one-on-one chat with filmmaker Mark Pavia. Pavia made his feature film debut with the 1997 cult favorite adaptation of Stephen King’s NIGHT FLIER. And most recently the Scream Factory original FENDER BENDER. But we go into depth about the long break from directing between films and examine the true, tough challenges when it comes to directing horror within the studio system. He came so close to following up his collaboration with King by helming his original “slasher” SLICE, the comic book adaptation for DEADWORLD and Platinum Dunes’ 2003 TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE! He even penned a NIGHT FLIER sequel with Stephen King and a version of Clive Barker’s THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN.

We delve into the ups and downs of the film business, how he overcame some of the challenges of pulled productions and continued to stay creative and productive through it all. And how FENDER BENDER marks a resurrection through perseverance! This is a recommended listen for all aspiring horror filmmakers out there. Or just fellow horror fans! Embedded below for your convenience!

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