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Who (or WHAT) is Behind Four Gruesome Murders in THE DOLL CEMETERY?

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This deeply disturbing creepypasta is credited to a user known only as CMT, who posted their account of these horrific events in late 2013. No updates have come from that user since then, but their story has developed a reputation as one of the all-time scariest doll-related mysteries, with direct parallels to the infamous “Island of the Dolls” in Xochimilco, Mexico.

Unlike that infamous island (which still draws a fair amount of macabre tourism), the location of the so-called “Doll Cemetery” remains a mystery — though based on CMT’s British-standard spelling, we’re reasonably sure it lies outside the United States.

Details about the surrounding area are equally sketchy, but it’s described as a small valley where little to no vegetation has grown for decades. Instead of living, growing things, this land seems to yield a nightmarish crop of once-lifelike objects — specifically, dolls of every shape, size and form.

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Cracked porcelain antiques, threadbare rag and yarn dolls, mass-market plastic baby dolls, Barbies and other fashion dress-up figures… every kind of doll seems to have come here to die.

Most of these are not merely strewn across the barren ground, but instead are nailed to dead tree branches, mutilated and dismembered, or tied to rocks and stumps. Some were partially buried, their blank, pale faces peering out from the desolate earth.

No one knows when the first doll was left here, who did it, or why… but somehow it evolved into a local tradition, with children throughout the surrounding communities discarding their unwanted dolls in the area.

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But despite this long-running custom, the children were also warned not to go near the Doll Cemetery after dark. Not for any specific reason; there was just something about the place that felt… wrong.

According to CMT’s account, the Doll Cemetery actually had a caretaker of sorts: an elderly hermit who lived in an abandoned shack in the midst of the valley. While no one actually gave him that job, it seems the man took it very seriously, and watched over the dolls day and night.

The locals didn’t even know his name, and didn’t really want to know… until the day something very bad happened.

When three local teenage girls — all of them classmates and close friends — failed to show up at school, their respective families first suspected they were just playing hooky from their classes. But after all three failed to return home, the neighborhood began to panic.

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Police were alerted, investigations commenced and search parties were formed, and before long attention turned to the old man in the Doll Cemetery, and murmurs of suspicion about his weird behavior quickly twisted into unsubstantiated claims that he was a child molester.

Locals became increasingly agitated as the days wore on without any further clues to the girls’ disappearance, and despite the lack of evidence against the caretaker (including the fact that no one had ever seen him come into town), they became convinced he was somehow responsible, and a small group of men took matters into their own hands.

The search party arrived at the Doll Cemetery to discover that their most horrible fears had come true… but not in the way they expected.

At the edge of the valley, they found the first of the three missing girls: her arms seemingly open in welcome, she was tied to a dead, skeletal tree, her head dangling on a broken neck.

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The second girl was halfway down the valley, leaned against a rotten tree trunk, her face obscured by her own blood. Upon closer examination, she had been partially mutilated — her ears had been ripped from her head.

The search party’s rage quickly melted into terror when they realized they were dealing with something far more dangerous than a feeble old man… and that was before they found the corpse of the third missing girl.

She had been thrown to the ground directly in front of the caretaker’s shack, her limbs askew, fallen in a puddle of her own coagulated blood. Her face and neck were covered with tiny round lesions… which, upon closer examination, looked like bites.

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But they didn’t resemble bug or animal bites. These seemed to have been caused by tiny human mouths.

Before they knew how to mentally process what they’d seen, the men began to smell something horrible emanating from the hermit’s tiny shed. They reacted instinctively, kicking down the door, expecting an attack… not knowing from what.

Instead, they found a fourth corpse: it was the old man. His body had been horrifically mutilated, in the same manner as the third girl, and had apparently been decomposing for weeks.

In the chaos and confusion of their panicked escape, the men from the town stumbled through piles of dolls and doll parts… but it wasn’t until they were near the perimeter of the valley that one of the men realized that something had snagged on his trouser leg.

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It was the tiny hand of a doll, which almost looked as if it were clutching at the fabric, hanging on with purpose. The man reflexively swatted at the doll, reacting as if he’d discovered a live tarantula crawling up his leg.

The men retreated to the town as quickly as they could, and never returned. The matter was still left to police… but as of this writing, the four murders remain unsolved.