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I’m Not Dead Yet!: 7 Real Cases of People Being Mistaken for Dead

Apparently doctors, coroners, and funeral directors can have “off” days too. Here are 10 people who had the misfortune of being declared dead only to come back again.

Great! Now I Am Dead!

In Kazan, Russia, Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov was declared dead , and then her body was quickly prepared for funeral. She awoke in her coffin to the sound of her family praying over her. The shock was enough to give her a heart attack and that finally finished her off.


Don’t Start Giving Away Those Organs Yet

Val Thomas was complaining of chest pains when she arrived at the hospital in Charleston, West Virginia. While there, she suffered two heart attacks which left her showing no signs of brain activity. Doctors told the family that the only thing keeping her alive was the breathing machine she was hooked up to. Discussions had turned to organ donation when, to the surprise of hospital staff and family, Miss Thomas woke up.

Labeled body of the deceased lying in mortuary


Fear the Walking Dead

Screaming mourners ran from from a Zimbabwe funeral home as their worst fears were seemingly realized. However, the dead were not up and hungry for brains. It was just 34-year-old Brighton Dama Zanthe who wasn’t expected to wake up at his own funeral. As his friends and family paid their respects to the man in the coffin, Zanthe’s boss suddenly noticed the dead man’s legs were moving. Many of those in attendance became so frightened by the possibility of zombie attack that they ran away in fear. Fortunately, none of the mourners decided to shoot him in the head in order to quickly end the potential zombie uprising.


Round One Knockout

16-year-old Bogdan Georgescu of Romania woke up swinging after being declared dead from a punch he received during a fight. Bogdan told the press that when he awoke in the morgue, he found himself surrounded by dead bodies and a man in a white coat hovering over him. Fearing for his life Bogdan struck the man, a morgue employee, hard enough to send him to the hospital.



That Ain’t No Sleeping Bag

In Holmes County, Mississippi, 78-year-old Walter Willliams was pronounced dead in his home by the county coroner. According to procedure, Williams was placed in a body bag and transported to the funeral home. Once there, funeral home employees noticed something very out of the ordinary- the body bag began to move. Mister Williams was attempting to kick his way out of the body bag.


Not Ready to Go Into the Light

While undergoing surgery in Costa Rica, a computer programmer named Graciela died on the operating table. Garciela claims to have gotten up from the operating table only to look back and see her own dead body. Seconds later, she began to rise up in to the air, through the ceiling of the operating room and straight upward into the sky. She floated until she arrived at a very bright room. A strange figure appeared before her and told her “You are not going to be able to continue.” At that moment her eyes opened, and she found herself surrounded by dead bodies. She had come back from the after world only to find herself in the morgue.



“Is it me or is it cold in here?”

An unidentified 92-year-old German woman woke up in the refrigerated room of a funeral home hours after being declared dead. Scared and probably cold, the woman began screaming until a worker came to her aid. Her doctor, Birgit Juergens, faced criminal charges for the misdiagnosis. The woman, who was found by nursing home staff, was unresponsive and had no a pulse. The woman died two days later, her cause of death was unrelated to her time in the icebox.