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Is “MEAT” the Work of Eccentric Filmmakers, a Sadistic Killer, or BOTH?

Many people out there claim to have solved the mystery behind this creepypasta… but most of their so-called “evidence” is still unsubstantiated and only accepted at face value… at this point, we may never know the complete truth.

Even if the enigmatic YouTube user(s) known as “Meat” (aka “Meatsleep”) came forward with a rock-solid explanation for their collection of highly disturbing videos (more on that later), the question would probably still remain in most viewers’ minds: what the holy jumping hell are these clips really about… and why, for crying out loud, did someone spend so much time and resources making them?


I might not have the answer to the second part of that question, but I’ve been researching the alleged clues which might reveal their true intent… then again, I might be grasping at straws like everyone else. But if there’s one thing everyone can agree on (mostly), it’s that the vast collection of cryptic clips which once resided on Meat’s channel are often pure, uncut nightmare candy.


First, I’ll try to sum up this terrifying media “project” as coherently as possible: it began in mid-March of 2014, with the inception of a YouTube channel titled “Sewnkin” (an anagram for “New Skin”). The channel’s user began to post several short videos, which quickly caught the attention of the 4chan community due to their baffling, sometimes coded and frequently terrifying content.


The brief clips, which were taken down in a matter of days (along with the YouTube account itself), became notorious for their bizarre messages and implicit suggestions of unsavory activities.


The tamer videos in the set include cryptic text messages, a family’s home videos, close-up shots of various objects, including unidentified meat frying in a pan, and brief excerpts from pornos and horror films (for example, a scene from FUNERAL HOME, a.k.a. CRIES IN THE NIGHT), most of which are accompanied by video glitches, garbled voices or wobbly music played in reverse.


But then there are clips like “Ingrate,” in which we are shown the contents of a filthy basement littered with miscellaneous personal items, and what appears to be a body bag and materials used to clean and disinfect… something. The entire clip is accompanied by a pitch-shifted voice reciting a threatening monologue:

I gave you a home… Now you live here… You’re ungrateful… I took you in and I keep you warm… I feed you…  I give you a place to sleep… I gave you a secret place… Just for you… A place to clean your disgusting body… I cleaned you… I let you be like a person… You are ungrateful.

The clip concludes with a shot facing upstairs toward the basement door, where a large animal with glowing eyes looms for a few seconds before the door slams shut.

There are many more horrific sequences like this, including a video file named only with a string of symbols; this clip shows someone trying to escape a locked room, after which we see a close-up of a hand with painted nails reaching underneath the bottom of the door. Nearby, what looks like a human tooth can be seen on the floor.


Even more disturbing is “Foreverhome,” which mostly shows a dark staircase, accompanied by the recording of an actual 911 call during which a woman named Ruth Price was murdered.


“Dispirited” seems to take place in the same basement location as “Ingrate,” but cuts to images of a seedy magazine ad for a roofie-like drug that enables the buyer to have “uninhibited sex with girls.” After that comes “Martober,” which shows a butcher’s saw being activated, followed by the piercing screams of pigs being slaughtered.

“She’s a Keeper” seems to depict a woman hanging by her feet, before cutting to a shot of an apparent gravesite marked with a cross and a sign that reads “KEEPER.” It’s not hard to imagine what’s being represented here, especially in light of what we’ve seen previously.


Later that month, a new YouTube channel entitled Meatsleep was launched, apparently dedicated to reposting the original Sewnkin videos. The clips were re-titled in Russian, Japanese and other languages, but the English translations revealed most of them had been renamed entirely. Several were even marked with cryptic glyphs or nonsense characters.


It’s been theorized by 4chan and Reddit users that Meatsleep was not a single operator, but a media collective spanning multiple countries, including Russia, Japan and Canada. In fact, some suggest the entire project was orchestrated as an Alternate Reality Game (ARG), while others suspect the videos were the result of a prank that went too far.

But the vast majority of users believed “Meat” was in fact a serial killer (or killers) who kept a video diary of their crimes.


Then, in January of this year, Meatsleep posted a final video entitled “No More,” which suggests a possible explanation for the entire phenomenon:

If you didn’t watch the clip (I wouldn’t blame you, especially after all the creepiness that came before it), it essentially states that MEAT is a vast experimental media project consisting of multiple filmmakers from several different countries, whose work would be dictated by pure chance — a literal roll of the dice.


After a conference among the filmmakers via Skype, a die roll would choose who filmed the next clip, who would edit it, and who would add the audio. Die rolls also determined what kind of fabricated “explanation” would be serve as the context for each clip.


The video’s description also offers a kind of apology:

It is over. Ugly misogyny and stalking and harassment is too much. Sorry. GoodNight.

In light of that information, it does help to clarify the different looks, styles and themes across the various clips, but still doesn’t offer clues as to the users’ true identities… or if any criminal activity was taking place. Unless someone comes forward with that evidence, we’ll never know for sure.

I’ll leave you with another eerie Meatsleep monologue:

He said there was a devil in the house… I wish he would be here… One of these days…