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The Strange And Myserious Sounds In The Sky

Imagine yourself in a deep sleep. You’re warm and cozy in your bed, the night is peaceful and quiet. Suddenly, you’re abruptly awakened by a piercing, screeching sound. In your stupor, you pull yourself out of your pillow-paradise, thinking the worst is happening. Then, you realize that the earsplitting shrieks aren’t coming from inside of your house; the loud noises are pouring down from the sky.

The sounds are startling. Have the aliens finally begun their invasion? Has the Rapture actually started its reaping? Or are the noises something else that can be scientifically explained?

It all sounds like a scenario from a horror movie, but for the people of Forest Grove, Oregon it’s their life. The small Washington County town has been experiencing a phenomena that has baffled many in the local community. Unexplained shrieking sounds can be heard frequently from the sky in the area, and no one knows what is causing them.


ABC News spoke to Dave Nemeyer, Forest Grove Fire and Rescue Fire marshal, about the strange cries ringing through the sky. Nemeyer had no idea where the sounds were coming from, and he stated the sounds seemingly echoed from the middle of the street.

Nemeyer described to ABC news, “To me, it sounds like the sound of train tracks, that metal screeching sound, but there are no train tracks near…so that’s obviously ruled out.”

Residents of the Oregon town state that the noises can last for seconds to several minutes. Most of the time the sounds are loud enough to disturb them from their sleep, and upset family pets.

While there are several theories as to where the sounds are coming from, such as a broken gas line, they’ve been debunked by local Gas companies who claim the town would smell gas if that were the case.


What’s even more baffling is that Forest Grove isn’t the only location to experience unexplained sky music. Individuals have reported loud trumpets playing from the sky in areas all over the world, including Canada, Australia, Russia and Germany.

In January 2012, a Saskatchewan local radio station received frantic calls from more than 40 residents who were concerned about strange sounds in the sky.


The noises were also heard in British Colombia in June 2013. Resident Kimberly Wookey filmed the horrifying noises as they rang through her neighborhood for several minutes. The sound of horns playing for a symphony above the clouds can be heard on the video, and it’s understandable why the experience frightened her.

Many people criticized Wookey’s video as being a hoax, even comparing it to a scene in the 2011 Kevin Smith horror RED STATE. In the scene, an explosive shoot-out between police and a religious cult is disrupted by the unmistakable sound of trumpets, seemingly signifying the beginning of the Rapture.

Despite all of the criticism against Wookey, the sounds continue to be heard in all parts of the world. Most recently in April 2015, the trumpets sounded over skies in Germany.

While many believe the videos are all a hoax, others have suggested the thunderous roars emanating from the sky are actually a part of a scientific government research program called the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). The U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy founded the program to analyze and develop technology to enhance radio communication and surveillance. HAARP researchers project the high-frequency signals into the atmosphere, and it is possibly the cause to all of the background noises being reported by petrified individuals.

As well as HAARP, other theorists suggest the noises are a phenomena known as “sky quakes” or “mystery booms.” The sounds are described like a sonic boom, and there is no real explanation for their cause. The noises are suggested as being caused by military aircraft, earthquakes, or gas from the Earth’s surface.

NASA has stated in the past that the trumpet sounds are completely natural. In 2001, they explained on their website, “If humans had radio antennas instead of ears, we would hear a remarkable symphony of strange noises coming from our own planet.” According to them, the trumpets are just “earth’s background” sound.

Regardless of the various explanations presented, there is no denying that the sounds of the apocalypse roaring through the sky—natural, fake, or extraterrestrial—are absolutely horrifying.