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This Custom-Built KILLERDRONE Went on a Chainsaw Massacre!

There are certain, uh… let’s say “unique” ideas that cross a very thin line between “This is the most awesome thing in the history of awesome things” and “Dear God I’ve just made a horrible mistake, RUN!”

A team of filmmakers, part-time inventors and (possibly) full-time nutcases who call themselves NoodleTail didn’t just cross that line… they stomped on it until it was dead.


These dudes are from Finland, where winters are long and harsh, and people start to get weird notions… like, for example: “What would happen if we rigged a drone with a fully-functioning chainsaw?”

As you can see in the clip above, they totally did that.


The team obtained a large enough quad-copter to carry the aforementioned saw, engineered a remote-controlled robot arm to manipulate the weapon, added a miniature camera rig, and ran it through a series of rigorous tests…


…or maybe they just launched the damn thing into the air and hoped it wouldn’t malfunction and rip them to pieces.


Before long, the thing was high above the treeline, diving down now and then to saw off some upper branches, and remove dangerous icicles from the roof of the workshed.


Then we see some happy little snowmen… oh shit.


The Finnish Chain Saw Massacre continued well into the afternoon, as many snow beings lost their heads to the flying death machine.


It flew onward and upward, seeking new targets elsewhere, apparently out of control and totally unstoppable… oops.


I guess it’s back to the drawing board. Or the local pub, whichever is closer.


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