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Want to Horror Theme Your House? You Need These Horrifying Home Goods!

Spring is upon us, and for many folks that means starting fresh with some spring cleaning and redecorating. This seems like the perfect time to embrace your horror love with some darker flairs to your décor. Check out our list below of must-have creepy home goods that will complete any horror-themed pad or add just the right amount of the macabre!


Ouija Talking Board Placemats

Dinner is a great time to commune with the dead!


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Carnivorous Plant Light Cube

Even your houseplants are hardcore with this grow-your-own blood-thirsty plant army set.


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Organ Transport Cooler

Greatest lunchbox ever!

e72e_organ_transport_lunch_cooler_new (1)

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Horror Villain Throw Blanket

Snuggle up to watch a good horror movie under this wonderful “selfie” horror blanket.


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ALIEN Xenomorph Cookie Jar

What sweeter way to store your baked goods than inside this stately xenomorph?


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Skull Embossed Rolling Pin

Some yummy horror cookies to store in that ALIEN cookie jar!

il_570xN.756320419_8gkl (1)

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Frankenstein Style Light Switch Plate

Walk into any room like a mad scientist!


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Wednesday Addams Throw Pillow

It’s creepy, and it’s kooky!

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HELLRAISER Lament Configuration End Table

This table has such sights to show you! Just setting your drink down could open a portal to hell!


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OK, this is such a bizarre movie to put on a potholder, that it is kind of an amazing find and must for your kitchen. And it’s on sale!


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Horror Movie Garden Gnomes

Gnomes are generally pretty creepy, but Jason and Freddy will do a much better job of guarding your yard!


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