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EXCLUSIVE: BASKIN Soundtrack Music & Cover Art Reveal!

BASKIN – Police Raid (English translation).

Invada & Lakeshore Records are set to unleash Hell (figuratively) with the soundtrack for BASKIN by Ulaş Pakkan. It is one of the most hotly anticipated horror films of 2016 after receiving rave reviews and winning the “Next Wave Award” at Fantastic Fest. The soundtrack will be released digitally on March 25th with a CD following shortly through Lakeshore.

You guys know me though, I’m a self confessed wax man and that’s why it gives me great pleasure to exclusively reveal to you the cover for Invada’s vinyl release of the soundtrack.

The album will be available in two versions; an Invada mail order only ‘Red Splatter’ on transparent vinyl limited to 250 copies

Plus a ‘Solid Red’ retail version limited to 500 copies. Both vinyl versions will be available online and in stores in early May.

baskin-soundtrack 1

Needing to see the film of the score I happen to be listening to isn’t always a pre-requisite and in the case of BASKIN, the film isn’t out yet, so I haven’t had the pleasure. After watching the trailer a few dozen times though, something I highly recommend you do, I get the sense that the film’s score plays a large part in creating not only tone, but atmosphere. What listening to the BASKIN soundtrack has succeeded in doing is making it the number one film on my must see list.

baskin-soundtrack 2

Ulaş Pakkan, the composer of BASKIN has achieved, on what I believe to be his first horror score, something that a lot of modern day horror movie scores lack. Pakkan has created intrigue and mystery within his compositions for the film, something that I have always been a huge fan of. DISASTERPEACE did something similar with IT FOLLOWS and JOSEPH BISHARA has done the same with his INSIDIOUS scores. Without the mystery and intrigue, you’re only a few beats away from an insipid 80s’ish synth score that we’ve all heard a thousand times before.

During my soundtrack quest – one in which I often find myself in small dingy record stores riffling through used copies of the obligatory SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, GREASE (Travolta gets no love in the used bin) and various ‘MOVIE HITS’ compilations – something different comes along and forces you to take notice. Right now that score is BASKIN, but don’t just take my word for it. We have two of the soundtracks best and most enticing tracks streaming exclusively for you to enjoy.


Kapi Açılıyor (The Door Is Opening)

Every time I listen to BASKIN, something I’ve been doing on a daily basis, I’m always met with a soundtrack that could almost be adapted to virtually fit any film genre. The exquisite piano work during the track BASKIN is reminiscent of BRUNO NICOLAI’S Giallo output and I warn you now, if I’m ever in a club and the DJ drops DERE BOYU KAVAKLAR you had better give me some room!

The thing I love most about Pakkan’s score is that it really doesn’t sound like anything I have heard before. This could be because the film and score are coming from a country not known for its horror or it could be that what you are hearing isn’t the same old dull and dreary horror score you have come to expect. One thing I am almost positive on is how much you guys are going to enjoy this score. I can already see it featuring in my end of year round up and its only March.

“BASKIN has a timelessness and a post apocalyptic feel to it and we are not totally sure when this series of events is happening. We are given some small clues about the period in the beginning of the movie when we see Arda’s room,” Pakkan stated. “While I was creating the Arda’s theme, I tried to reflect the era of their childhood. Arda’s theme is the heart of the soundtrack. I reuse it in many of the scenes but arranged in multiple ways to create different vibes.”

If titles like UNDER THE SKIN, BLUE RUIN, HANNIBAL, COOTIES, THE MASK and EX MACHINA all struck a chord, BASKIN is one to look out for.-TG

Images courtesy of Lakeshore Records and Invada.

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