The 13th Floor

This Paranormal Reporter Didn’t Find Her Next Story… It Found HER

As a paranormal researcher and author of the column Paranormal Corner for NJ Advance Media, Kelly Roncace has recounted all manner of strange and unexplained phenomena in the New Jersey area and beyond. But her latest case may be a little too close for comfort.

While living in a 1920s-era home in Salem County, Roncace seldom experienced any consistent examples of paranormal activity within the house since she first moved there in 1994. Apparently, that all changed last week, when she kicked back in the living room to watch THE OMEN… and began to hear strange noises in the kitchen.


The noise startled her dog, but she dismissed it as dishes settling in the sink… then she began to hear the distinct sound of someone moving around in there.

“[T]his is the kind of thing I ask for when out in the field,” she writes, “but sitting in my own living room, I’d rather not experience the unexplained.”

She finally called out to whomever it was, asking them to stop bothering her… and immediately, they stopped.

All seemed normal again until she went to bed. Once the lights were out, the noise returned… but this time it was coming from the living room. Something — or someone — was walking through the house.

Disturbed by the unseen intrusion, Roncace nevertheless does not want to know what’s causing it.

“A fellow investigator recently had activity increase at her home and she is planning an investigation for later this month,” the columnist added. “She does want to know what is causing the experiences in her house. I may go help her find out what is coexisting in her home, but I’ll leave mine alone… for now.”

Roncace only cites one other previous paranormal event in her house: she claims that one early morning, an unseen presence began knocking on her dresser, and did not stop until she was fully awake and out of bed. Immediately afterward, she found out that her daughter had fallen ill.