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Watch This Spooky, Poe-Inspired Short MY ART IS NOT DEAD!

This creepy stop-motion horror short from filmmaker Savannah Steiner proves how one can summon a sense of terror, suspense and doom with the simplest of materials — as long as there’s a wickedly creative eye behind the camera.

Image Credit: Savannah Steiner
Image Credit: Savannah Steiner

In a surreal, blackly comic cross between the gloomy gothic tales of Edgar Allan Poe and low-budget horror/exploitation films like Roger Corman’s A BUCKET OF BLOOD or H.G. Lewis’s COLOR ME BLOOD RED, the 11-minute film follows the grim struggle of a painter who just can’t seem to find the key to expressing his vision… at first, anyway.

Image Credit: Savannah Steiner
Image Credit: Savannah Steiner

When he meets and falls in love with another, more successful artist, our protagonist’s mad obsession seems to subside… but as you can probably figure, only for a fleeting moment. Not only is the relationship doomed, but the true solution to the protagonist’s creative block comes at a ghastly price.

You can see more of Steiner’s work at her YouTube channel.


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