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Check Out These Awesome Mail Order Monster Masks Of Yesteryear!

I don’t know about you fiends out there, but every once in a while, I like to break out the old magazine boxes that house my old FANGORIA, Starlog, Comic Scene magazines and stroll down memory lane. Nowadays, you can pretty much find anything you need on the Internet, whether it be news, articles covering a film’s history or just places to shop. As a horror fan, I’ve always been fascinated by masks! If my allowance were just a tiny bit higher, I might’ve invested in more and started a proper collection. But alas, it’s probably for the best.

That’s not to say that I didn’t occasionally save up for and purchase an official mask of some sort. I had the Michael Myers mask that was commercially issued to coincide with the release of HALLOWEEN 4: THE RETURN OF MICHAEL MYERS. Also, the “Leatherface” mask as seen in LEATHERFACE: TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III. Wish I still had them, but they’re both long gone – most likely victims of one of my mom’s cleaning binges around the attic.

Let’s start with an ad from 1989 featuring “the stuff NIGHTMAARES are made of…”


These masks were available directly from STARLOG PRESS. I remember marveling at “The Victim” and wondering if I could get away with having the top portion of a body in my room without causing alarm among my family. But even back in 89, $700 bucks (!) was a bit much. Some of these masks retailed for about $30 bucks, which isn’t too bad. Then there were fascinating designs like “Death” which reminded me of a zombie from Michael Jackson’s THRILLER. “Blasted” is a pretty wild, gory mask for $70. And you could’ve had the amazing “Syngenor” mask from William Malone’s first movie SCARED TO DEATH for $80 dollars!


This “Creature FLESH & BLOOD” series were also available directly through STARLOG PRESS and the majority of these retailed for about $30 bucks. All the traditional horrors are accounted for including a creepy DEVIL, WITCH, SKULL and JACK-O-LANTERN design. The HELL HOUND one is still one I regret never buying and wishing I could find it nowadays!

But you know, it wasn’t always all about horror. When DICK TRACY hit theaters in 1990 and featured the incredible Oscar-winning prosthetic FX work of makeup designers John Caglione, Jr. and Doug Drexler, a series of masks emulating the original Chester Gould characters were crafted and available for purchase. Back then, you couldn’t wore a mask of the movie versions of the main DICK TRACY villains for $50 dollars. If you wanted to be a GREMLIN from the sequel however, those masks would’ve cost you upwards of $80-$110!


If you really wanted to freak out your parents or small children from the neighborhood, you could’ve ordered this life size Raphael mask from TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES for a mere $31 dollars!


Did you ever pick up any of these masks back in the day?