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Here Are The 8 Greatest “GIALLO” Soundtracks!

Perhaps the sight of beauty makes him lose control of himself, so he kills.” – Inspector Silvester (BLOOD AND BLACK LACE)

To create the perfect Giallo there has to be the right blend of mystery, Hitchcockian twists, overly sexually tense situations, murder, atmosphere and original music. Each of these key elements are essential ingredients for the Giallo recipe. Interestingly the scores for each film play such an intricate part in the storytelling and are often as highly regarded as pivotal death scenes. Terror, shock and bloodshed blend somewhat perfectly into jazz, bossa nova, psych and orchestral cues. It sounds bizarre, and it is, but in genre cinema, the Giallo score has no rival.

As with most, if not all of my recommendations, these are titles that are still readily available and won’t cost the earth. In this article to mix things up a little and to give you some idea of how deep you can go, Giallo expert and TIGER LAB VINYL co-owner Jon Dobyns will be sharing some of his collection of rare Giallo scores.

Here is a short selection to kick-off your Giallo soundtrack starter pack. Each score is as important as its title so, don your favorite pair of black leather gloves, pour yourself three fingers of J&B and kick back with my intro to Giallo.

Owning any of the titles featured in this article is a sure fire way to add some class to any soundtrack/score collection. The musical world of the Giallo genre makes for an incredibly deep and vast listening experience. What we’ve done here is barely scratch the surface so be on the look out for an intro to Giallo part two, sometime in the future.

Many thanks to Jon for sharing some of his outstanding collection. -TG

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