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Does This Security Cam Footage Reveal a Shopping Poltergeist?

A video recently uploaded to YouTube by journalist Alfredo Alvarez has been creeping out viewers around the world: allegedly recorded from a monitor connected to a security camera in a Mexican supermarket, the clip below depicts several incidents of an unseen force violently throwing objects off the store’s shelves.

Check it out for yourself…

Unlike similar clips which take place after closing time, this footage was captured during business hours, and several customers and/or staff in the market begin to approach the area, then appear to be alarmed about the unseen prankster after various items are knocked off shelves and hurled across the aisle.

Curiosity among the onlookers turns to fear, and some of them can be heard commenting about a possible supernatural cause for the disruption.

We’ll leave this one up to you… who or what might be responsible for this unexplained chaos?