The 13th Floor

Does This Chilling Footage Show a Ghost Playing in the Attic?

The story behind the following creepy clip began back in 2009, when couple Donna and Revan Smith reportedly began to hear strange nocturnal noises in their attic.

Suspecting that squirrels, mice, birds or some other animal might be nesting there, they conducted a thorough search of the small, dusty storage space… but their investigation found no evidence of such visitors. That’s when their suspicions began to turn toward less conventional causes for the nightly disturbances.

The couple set up a camera in the attic in the hope of capturing evidence of the intruder on video, and acting on a hunch, they placed three “trigger objects” in camera range: a doll, a rubber ball, and an LED flashlight. The video feed was then connected to a television screen in their bedroom, and the Smiths began to monitor the feed for any unusual activity. Apparently they didn’t have to wait very long.

When the flashlight suddenly appeared to switch on by itself, then off again, Donna decided to speak to whatever presence might be occupying the attic, and asked it to turn the flashlight on again… and it did.

Since it first posted on YouTube, the clip below has racked up a staggering 2 million views. Without concrete evidence, it’s up to you to decide what’s triggering that flashlight, and determine the source of those vague, formless shapes that occasionally flicker past the lens…