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5 Scary Urban Legends that Should be Made into Horror Movies!

Most of us encounter urban legends online almost everyday.

“Facebook is gonna send me a million dollars for reposting this.”

“Don’t throw rice at weddings; it kills birds”

“Did you know that Walt Disney had his head cryogenically frozen?”

All completely false, but legends like this become part of our society and get passed from person to person. Plus there are the endless terrifying urban legends about homicidal madmen and rattle snakes invading ball pits at fast food restaurants.

We have selected 5 of our favorite frightening urban legends that, quite frankly, we can’t believe have not been made into horror movies yet. We have even provided handy pitches for each. Have you heard any of these? Would you watch the movie?



Getting a scare from spiders is probably the easiest route you can take. I’d gladly take a machete-wielding maniac over a spider any day. Now a spider with a machete, that’s another story.

The Myth: A woman returns from vacation with a strange blemish on her cheek. One evening the blemish bursts open releasing thousands of baby spiders. In some version of this myth, the spiders proceed to eat her face.

The Film: An oil company executive travels to the Amazon to scout out a section of the rainforest that is going to be clear-cut and drilled into for oil. One night, after an indigenous tribe is forced off of their land, a shaman releases a spider into her tent, which bites her on the cheek.  Extremely sick, the woman returns home. Too busy to see a doctor, she returns to her penthouse apartment, and falls asleep. She wakes up in the middle of the night and looks in the mirror. Her wound is huge and pulsating. Suddenly it burst spewing poisonous spiders that bite and kill her. The spiders multiply and begin working their way down the high rise, killing as they go. A group of survivors fight for survival as spiders pursue them. Meanwhile outside the CDC seals off the building, as they consider burning it to the ground in order to contain the menace.

It’s DIE HARD meets ARACHNOPHOBIA. Just imagine someone watching TV as a blanket of spiders walks down the wall behind him. Or someone jumping out a window causing spiders to rain down on the people in the street.




This myth is perfect for a teen or college slasher.

The Myth: During exam week many colleges have what is called a “midnight scream”. That part is real, not a myth. It’s seen as a cathartic release in the midst of high stress. Everyone hangs out their dorm room window and screams at the top of their lungs. One midnight during exam week, all the dorm room windows open at once as everyone lets out a blood-curdling scream. The next morning a girl returns to her room after being out all night to find her roommate murdered. It seemed that the killer used the midnight scream as a way to conceal the screams of his victim.

The Movie: This film could have been made in the late 90’s and starred Neve Campbell. A killer uses the “midnight scream” to cover up his killing spree which claims a new victim every night during exam week.  Is it that cruel Biology teacher who openly hates the students? Is it the cool English teacher who no one would suspect? Is it Neve’s ex-boyfriend, the one she dumped before she came to college, the one who stayed behind in her small hometown? Or maybe it’s that weird kid that a group of students did a bad thing to and now he wants revenge?

Picture of raged woman



This Creepypasta spawned from a frightening picture that had been circulating over the internet for years. A nearly skeletonized man sitting on a hospital bed, his eyes wide and his lips removed.

The Myth: A group of Russian scientists were doing a sleep deprivation experiment, keeping the subjects from sleeping for 15 days. After just five days, things started getting intense. The subjects began complaining over the microphone in their secured chamber and becoming highly agitated. At day 9, the screaming and frantic behavior started to kick in.  The subjects began tearing apart their chamber. They had taken pages from research notebooks and plastered them over all of the windows using their feces to adhere them to the glass. By day 12, the screaming stopped. With the windows obscured, the scientists had no idea what was going on inside the chamber. After days of silence, the scientists decided to enter. What they found inside was a complete horror show. Only three of the subjects were still alive. One would soon die on the operating table as they tried to save him. The second survivor had destroyed his vocal cords from hours of screaming. As the doctors operated on him he smiled and urged them to keep cutting. The third only said over and over again “I must remain awake”.

The Film: College students on Spring Break travel to Russia. While there they decide to do some urban spelunking in an old bunker. As they go deeper and deeper into the earth, they uncover abandoned tunnels that resemble something very clinical. At the end of a corridor they discover a chamber that holds five cots but only two corpses. Somewhere in the cavernous tunnels the other three subjects hunt for their next meal.




You can’t go wrong with a film about sex…or worms.

The Myth: A girl has sex with her boyfriend, then a few days later begins experiencing a strange itchy rash on her genitals. She goes to the doctor and discovers that there are maggots inside her vagina and the surrounding skin. The doctor informs her that the only way that can happen is if she has sex with someone who has been intimate with a corpse, a convenient proposition considering her boyfriend works in a morgue.





Because of the anonymous nature of the internet, it’s impossible to know who you are really talking to.

The Myth:

A man using the screen name “DreamWeaverGrey” starts up conversations with women online. Eventually he is able to persuade them into going on a date with him. Unfortunately, it is just a ploy to lure them to their deaths.

The Film: In an abandoned warehouse, DreamWeaverGrey he has built a labyrinth of torture and misery. One by one, he lures women to their deaths in his chamber of horrors. However, this time he’s picked the wrong victim. Stacey is a tuff street-smart final girl who won’t be taken down easily.

Close up of unrecognizable man working on computer.


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