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This Start-Up Company is Working on a Way to Resurrect the Dead

Yes, you read that right. But if you’re already seeing visions of Herbert West running rampant with his glowing syringe, creating armies of rowdy, murderous zombies, you might need to dial your fears (or fantasies?) down a few clicks, because artificial intelligence entrepreneur Josh Bocanegra has something else in mind… pardon the pun.

Bocanegra has announced that his new Los Angeles-based Artificial Intelligence company HUMAI (short for “Human Resurrection through Artificial Intelligence”) has set about a project to resurrect the dead by the year 2045… yes, that’s less than three decades from today.

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According to a report from the UK’s Express, HUMAI’s goal to “extend and enhance life” is twofold: first, they aim to perfect a method of cryonic preservation for the human brain; and second, they seek to develop artificial bodies to house the preserved identity and intelligence of those brains.

But Bocanegra claims that the company’s long-term goal is even more ambitious: they eventually want to develop and perfect the technique of transplanting the brain of a still-living human into a robotic body — thus achieving virtual immortality.

HUMAI’s mission is inspired and motivated by “promising breakthroughs happening every year in neuroscience and biotechnology,” Bocanegra told the Express. “We plan to implement [these breakthroughs] as we work towards performing the first surgical procedure of restoring and implanting a human brain to a new bionic body.”