The 13th Floor

Man Sticks His Hand Into a Hole, Pulls Out Hundreds of Spiders

The unidentified dad seen in this video is completely arachnophobia-free… or totally batshit insane. Either way, watching what he does in the clip could give almost anyone nightmares for weeks.

When the man and a group of kids (at least one of which is his own) discover that a fist-sized hole in a rock wall is filled with nesting daddy-long-legs, our hero promptly plunges his hand into the opening… and plucks out a few hundred of the intertwined critters, which go scurrying in all directions.

Before several young bystanders promptly (and understandably) freak the hell out, the man can be heard reassuring the kids that “They don’t bite, right?” He later points out that there are “still way more in there,” but we’re spared any further footage of him digging around in the nest again.