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This Couple Made the Scariest Baby Announcement EVER

Most parents are a little scared when they have a baby… the Holts are terrified.

Okay, so I totally stole that line from the spooky teaser for the 1974 movie IT’S ALIVE. But that might very well have been the inspiration for this brilliant mock trailer created by self-professed “horror movie nuts” Judy & Gavin Holt of San Dimas, CA – a video which announces the impending arrival of their first child in the most awesome way ever.

According to an interview with KTLA, the couple – who are both professional photographers – decided that the typical sonagram images and feel-good music just weren’t their style. Instead, they went for a modern red-band trailer, partially set to John Carpenter’s chilling score from THE FOG.

Judy told KTLA that the project was a kind of therapy, as the couple had experienced two miscarriages in the past: “I guess the message I want to send out is … have hope, keep trying, chin up, good things are going to come your way,” she said. The Holts added that they plan to produce a “sequel” following the birth.

“I think everyone thinks their parents are weird,” said Gavin. “and we’ve gotten off to a good start.” If you ask me, I think this kid’s going to have a pretty awesome childhood.


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