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Man Goes Berserk on Airliner, Bites Passenger… and Drops Dead

The zombie apocalypse has begun – on an Aer Lingus flight. Over the weekend, a 24-year-old man was on a flight from Lisbon to Dublin when he became agitated, bit another man, and eventually died.

Reports from The Irish Mirror state that the young man “ran amok,” bit at least one other passenger, and then became violent. The biter was restrained, and a doctor on board tried to help the attacker, but he fell unconscious and was pronounced dead before the plane made an emergency landing. He was traveling alone.

The man who was bitten was taken to the hospital, and all 168 passengers and six crew members were questioned (and possibly quarantined?) in the airport. After a three-hour delay, they were allowed to continue their journey (I assume no one else was showing signs of zombie-ism). A woman on the flight was later arrested after a suspicious substance was found in her luggage, but so far the substance has not been identified, and her relation to the dead man has not been made public.

An autopsy of the alleged zombie is underway.