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Celebrating The NIGHT OF THE DEMONS Vinyl Release!

It’s been 27 years now since Angela threw that killer Halloween party that even Freddy and Jason were too scared to go to, and yet the legend of it is still as strong as ever! I’m of course talking about Kevin Tenney’s 1988 bonafide cult classic film NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, which managed to spawn 2 sequels, a remake and continued adoration from the die-hard horror fan around the world. This week marks the release of Lunaris Records release of the NIGHT OF THE DEMONS soundtrack, available for the first time ever in both CD and multiple vinyl variations. The celebration kicked off at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, California this past weekend as director Kevin Tenney, star Jill Terashita (Frannie) and album cover artist Devon Whitehead were all in attendance to sign copies of the record.


“I’d been approached a couple of times over the years by different record companies, but nothing ever came to fruition,” explained Tenney. “Once it looked like this was really happening, Chad Rugola from Lunaris asked me to write an intro for the liner notes. In them, I talk about how my brother Dennis has been scoring my films since I was making super-8 films in high school. The only difference with WITCHBOARD and NIGHT OF THE DEMONS was that we had more money and better equipment and we were actually getting paid!”


Since the soundtrack had never been issued since the 1988 release, the process of tracking down the best possible elements was a challenge, but a worthwhile one. “I believe Dennis had to work closely with Jeff Geoffray and Walter Josten at Blue Rider Pictures to track down the masters,” Tenney told us. “He may’ve even had to re-master some of the score which had long since been lost or destroyed. When I finally saw the finished LPs and CDs, I was much more excited than I had expected to be. I am extremely happy that Dennis is finally getting the recognition he deserves.”

Night of the Demons Lunaris

And speaking of that packaging, the cover features a brand new original design illustrated by LA based artist Devon Whitehead. This writer has been familiar with Devon’s work for years and I even have a few of his original NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE pieces prominently framed and hanging in my apartment! A life long genre fan, this opportunity was a dream come true for the artist. “It’s one of my favorite horror movies of all time, I’ve been watching it since I was a kid,” confessed Whitehead. Regarding the design, “I definitely wanted to have more of the other characters represented, because looking at previous artwork for the film, it’s basically just Angela. I wanted to have the mirror and shattered mirror pieces in there, always thought that was cool in the film. I also did the back cover illustration, where I got to highlight the house, their car (with pumpkin on top) and illustrate the flying demons that are in the animated opening sequence of the film.” Details that of course NIGHT OF THE DEMONS fans will appreciate.


And the process of designing the cover seemed to be a very open and collaborative one. “Chad at Lunaris is really cool,” says Whitehead. “He let me come up with an idea and I sketched it out and sent it over. He dug it and we went from there. A die hard NIGHT OF THE DEMONS fan, Chris MacGibbon, who was familiar with my work had recommended me to Lunaris. Now I’m doing several upcoming covers for them!”

You can pick up a copy of the NIGHT OF THE DEMONS soundtrack on vinyl via the Lunaris Records website. Also check Dark Delicacies for signed copies!