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Are Silicon Valley Executives Practicing Witchcraft?

Yoga and meditation are common practices among executives, especially in the tech space. But a new age of New Age beliefs are taking ahold of Silicon Valley: witchcraft.

Reverend Joey Talley has practiced Wicca for over 40 years. Her entry into the tech space began when a young woman and her boyfriend discovered bloody handprints and obscene words written on the walls of their condo. After several days, they Googled “house clearing” and were led to Talley. Talley identified “horrible things” had happened in the parking lot across the street and built a “psychic seawall,” similar to an exorcism.

Since then, Talley is occasionally asked to perform cyber-security miracles. She will use crystals for debugging, and flora charms to prevent against viruses and hacks. She has even cast blanket protection spells on an entire company – including the office supplies. (Imagine what could happen if your stapler was haunted.)

“No problem is too big, too small, or too weird,” claims Talley’s website. In addition to technical feats, Talley partakes in more traditional witchy pursuits: she holds a monthly coven, teaches Tarot, and finds lost cats.

H/T: SF Weekly, 


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