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A Wes Craven Tribute Worthy Of The “Master Of Horror”

Since the news of Wes Craven’s passing, a lot of people have done various tributes, editorials and testimonials to the “master of horror’s” legacy. But one in particular worth sharing is this video essay put together by Nelson Carvajal for

Craven was a truly gifted and intellectual filmmaker that managed to challenge the way we saw genre pictures, scare the hell out of us and whether he intended to or not, change the trajectory of the horror genre through 3 different decades. The 70’s with LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, the 80’s with A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and the 90’s with SCREAM. So it’s fascinating that he himself wasn’t exposed to horror movies until his adult life as he talks about in the opening of this video essay.

Through these clips, it also illustrates that no matter where he was in his career, he was always trying to do something unique and different.

We’ve truly lost one of the greats.

*Photo by David Slade from (Portraits)


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