The 13th Floor

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In the past three weeks, SCREAM has been getting good, and I must admit, I’ve missed you. For the most part of latter episodes, this show is making me feel young again, approximately the age I was when I watched SCREAM 2. For a little while there, it felt that SCREAM: THE TV SERIES was headed to STAB: THE TV SERIES territory, but now, it feels great to be back, criticizing a television program for the MTV horror-teens.

Episode 6, “Betrayed”, will likely be the last uninteresting hour of SCREAM: THE TV SERIES, as the show has fully matured, and the creators have brought in some seriously talented genre directors for the remainder of the season. This episode mostly wraps up the lengthy whodunit conversations, and thankfully brings an end to the strange crime-caper tangent that Will and Jake have been on. It also ends with Will being attacked by Ghostface, and it’s great to see the killer finally back in action, especially when his victim is Will.