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Shudder Plans Several Original Films Kicking Off With PRIMAL SCREEN!

We’ve been talking about the all-horror streaming service Shudder quite a bit around our offices, and with good reason: the selection, aimed specifically for the die-hard horror fan, is terrific. From new indie favorites, to horror classics, to premieres such as THE RING VS THE GRUDGE mash-up SADAKO VS KAYAKO and PREVENGE, they have the […]

Lie Detectors, Bracelets, and Wonder Women

Fine, but make her a woman – Elizabeth Holloway Marston In 1941, comic book readers were introduced to Diana of Themyscira, the daughter of Queen Hippolyta who, on an island of Amazonian women, created a child out of clay and asked the goddess Aphrodite to grant it life. Diana would travel to the world of […]

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Happy Rebirthday DC!

A year ago this month, DC Comics took a big risk – they ended their comics, and for the last week of May released just one book: REBIRTH. The book acted as a soft reboot for the DC universe which, for the last few years, was seen as a struggling concept after the last reboot […]

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Is DC on the Right Track?

Imagine, for a moment, that you find the Cosmic Treadmill, the device Flash uses to travel through time in the comics. There you are, little old you (or young you, I don’t want to be ageist), with a machine that can take you back to any point you want. Imagine that you get into it […]

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Supergirl Power! Warner Brothers Needs To Build Out Their Female Superhero Movies

If you liked BATMAN V SUPERMAN or not, I think just about everyone agrees that the best thing in the movie is Wonder Woman. Part of it is that, of the three heroes, she has the least amount of screen time, so there is less time for Zack Snyder to have fucked the character up. […]